August 18, 2015


So...after 5 years of solid planning and saving...James, the kids and I are finally off on our 'Once in a lifetime' European Holiday!!

42 Days of blissful, family togetherness....well it's what we are hoping! Given we are travelling with 5 year olds and teens...anything can happen....but, I am hoping the sunshine and the new experiences will far outweigh the common family tiffs:)

I am hoping to write in my kikki.K Travel Journal throughout the journey and upload some posts on here throughout and after the trip, with some do's and don't's of holiday travel, so feel free to check back in once in a while to see what's new.

Bags are packed, house sitter moving in tomorrow, chooks and cow and birds are happy, frog is sleeping over at my brother and sister in-laws & the cat is visiting with Nanny & Poppy! 3 Haircuts booked for tomorrow, one happened today along with spray tans {no white pasty skin} and waxing!  So much prep...who knew!

So, follow along....until then....wish us a safe, flight:)


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