June 27, 2012

Meet Jillian from Catch My Party..

Catch My Party!
Jillian, owner and director of Catch My Party!

"Catch My Party is a the place to find incredible party ideas and inspiration, share party photos, and connect with people who love entertaining.
For those of you looking to be inspired, Catch My Party is the best party resource on the web with hundreds of real parties to browse and enjoy. If your passion is for throwing parties, Catch My Party is the place to show off all your creativity and flair by adding your party photos to our site.
Catch My Party is for everyone, because honestly, who doesn't love a great party?"

The above is a statement from owner Jillian, and I love how she promotes and shares everyday parties. For a non-event stylist, to see all your hard work shared and inspiring others, it is the biggest thrill.  I just had to know more about the brilliant business and who better to tell us than Jillian herself.

What do you love most about your job?
"I love showing off people's creativity from all over the world. It inspires me! Plus, I love getting a glimpse into people's celebrations. Parties are a time when people are at their happiest, so our site is all about sharing that feeling."
What makes Catch my Party so unique?
"The fact that most of the parties on our site are real and not staged, makes our site unique. There's a real energy to the site because it's been created by so many people. Also, it's a true community."
What has been your proudest moment with your businesses?
"My proudest moments come from people emailing me, telling me how much our site has inspired them or helped them or how appreciative they are that I've acknowledged what they've done."
What has inspired you this week?
"My daughter is my biggest inspiration. We just recently moved from Santa Monica to Palo Alto, and she was really nervous about the whole thing. But she has risen to the occasion and embraced the unknown with so much courage. I find that very inspiring."
How do you make time for Catch my party?
"My schedule is never the same, so the way I make time for Catch My Party is to give it my full attention when I'm working on it, it can be 10 minutes or 10 hours. I can tune everything else out and just focus. I've learned to do this out of necessity. :)" 
What's in store for 2012?
"We've got a lot of things in store, including a new look for the site, but I don't want to say any more. :)" 
What Party trends do you love right now?
"I'm a big fan of quatrefoil right now. It's a really cool pattern. Plus, consistently, I love anything and everything shabby chic. I really admire things that look classy and effortless." 
What Party trends are you over right now?
"It's funny, when I think I'm over something, someone will invariably reinvent it. For example I was over pom poms, but now they're showing up mixed with other elements like paper lanterns or in big bunches, and I love them all over again." 

-Favorite Colour & why? 
Green, it makes me happy and it's the color of nature.

-Fav Holiday Spot?
Hawaii! It relaxes me like no place else.

-Food you couldn't live without? 

-Fav Facebook Page? 
Not a Facebook page, but I'm all about Pinterest for ideas

-Fav item of clothing? 
Platform pumps!

Lastly...finish this sentence.....

"When I was little, I always wanted to be creative."

Thank you so much Jillian for such a wonderful and insightful interview. I look forward to seeing your new website in the near future! 

June 4, 2012

Party Submission - "Let's Run Away to the Circus"

This week I have a couple of gorgeous parties to share with you all. The first was submitted by The Sweet Little Party Company and is gorgeous!

Lauri says, "This party was for my son Christian’s 1st Birthday.  I opted for Red and Blue, two of my favourte colours which I adore for little boys, and decided on a "Lets run away and join the Circus" theme!Guests were asked to place their fingerprint on a special print as a keepsake for the birthday boy.  There were games and lots of sweet treats, as well as a clown who made the most amazing balloons (think three foot balloon bicycles!)We served mini hot dogs and other homemade carnival party food (mini sausage rolls, quiches, arancini, pizza and meatballs) with delicious white chocolate mud cake, homemade red velvet cupcakes, rocky road, honey joys and pavlova (a family favourite!!) for dessert.There was a prize table where all the children got to take their pick of prizes for participating in the games, pass the parcel, ring toss, bean bag throw and fishing for ducks.We also had a photo booth set up where people put on wigs, glasses, moustaches and took silly photos.All guests left with a goody bag from the candy buffet filled with sweet treats as a thank you for helping us to celebrate.

Vendor List -

Invitations and all printables (choc bar wrappers, buffet labels, signs, cupcake toppers, gift bag labels) by The Sweet Little Party Company
Soft Drink box, and other wooden compartment boxes on prize table, from Shoppe with Lily
Birthday Cake - Cakes by Vanessa 0418 529 827 
All styling by The Sweet Little Party Company
Candy Buffet by the Sweet Little Party Company
Candy Buffet canopy built by my very talented father in law and fabric sewn by Crafty Cut’s n Things
Directional sign also built by my father in law and printed signs by The Sweet Little 
Party Company
Games by The Sweet Little Party Company
Balloons by S&S Party Supplies, Epping 
Fairy Floss, Popcorn and Hot Dog machines on loan from my friend Carol
Candy sticks, Bubblegum Clouds and red polka dot boxes from The Little Big Company 
Spectacular Circus Lunchbox from Whitenest, Blairgowrie

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