February 27, 2011

Pinwheels and Pearls

This week I have the pleasure of bringing an interview of one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of working with...the lovely...
                                       KATE CHAPMAN...
Kate and her beautiful family

Kate is the creator of the whimsical PINWHEELS AND PEARLS! Kate and I have worked together for the Lily Chic Events Springtime Fantasy Shoot and she now stocks her gorgeous Ribbon Wands at Shoppe With Lily! Here Kate talks about herself and her thriving business..

What do you LOVE most about your work?
It's all about the children and seeing the happiness and joy on their gorgeous faces!  I also love the social aspect.  I have met some amazing people in business and got so much inspirations from these talented ladies!  It's so nice to have support from such lovely inspirational women who's gorgeous work puts a smile on my face everyday!!
Image courtesy of Kris McCann Photography 

What makes it so unique?
I have always been passionate about simple, creative and imaginative play and love the fact that Ribbon Wands are BATTERY FREE... The best toy is a simple toy!!  I love giving people a part of me in their orders.

Image via Pinwheels & Pearls

What has been your proudest moment with your business?

Every day there is a moment that makes me proud, that's what keeps me motivated!  I was certainly thrilled! Honoured! Tickled Pink! After seeing our Ribbon Wands go to print in "Shop 4 Kids"!

Feb 2011 Issue os Shop 4 Kids

 What has inspired you this week?
Colours, flowers, stationary and party blogs...I am addicted!!  Top of my blog list is Kate Landers Events LLC.  Kate has such incredible style and passion for design and I could browse her work for hours and just get lost in the gorgeous details.  There are so many photographers who have an eye to capture all the little details perfectly.  Kris Mccann and Renee Bell are two incredible ladies who I truly admire!

Image via Pinwheels and Pearls

How do you make time for Pinwheels & Pearls?
Ha Ha, with two toddlers...what a challenge!  However, love every minute of it!  I try and work as much as I can when they are sleeping, so it allows time for play dates, swimming and Ballet lessons.  Success is what you make it and finding a 'life' doing what you love is what is most important.

What's in store for 2011?
I am looking forward to expanding our Whimsical Range of products and to eventually have our website up and running.

Rainbow Wands from Pinwheels and Pearls

What Party Trends do you LOVE right now?
I love modern and simplistic, and absolutely love Dessert Buffets that you just want to inhale!  Beautiful Bunting, Pom poms, Party Printables...there are so many gorgeous party products and inspiration available online.

What Party Trends are you OVER right now?
These days it seems that a Party just isn't complete without a Photobooth, such a cute idea but perhaps a little over seeing Moustaches on Sticks!  



KATE:  Did someone mention Cake?!!  Cupcakes and Cheesecakes are my all time favorites!
LIL:  I am actually not a very big cake person...I much prefer Biscuits (but that's another interview!)  I do however LOVE Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (smeared with butter)....yum!! 

Image via Icing Design


KATEDefinitely Christmas, such a magical time and a perfect opportunity to decorate.

LIL: I would have to agree with Kate..I LOVE Christmas! I love the presents, the food, the family time, everything! 

Me asleep on the couch Christmas Day once the twins went down for a nap!

KATE: Love all types of Dance and Music.  We always have music on in the house to groove and work to (even if it is mostly The Wiggles and Justine Clarke!)
LIL: Swing! My husband and I met at Swing Dancing Classes at our local Pub! We even did a surprise Swing Dance for our Wedding Dance and I was 15 weeks pregnant with the twins! We were supposed to have ariels put in but had to change it due to the pregnancy!

My husband James & I on our Wedding Day!

KATE: I have the biggest wishlist, there is so much talent that I am discovering every day!  I can't wait to receive my Custom order from Art Candy.  The lovely Jessica created a Whimsical Twirling Girl Design inspired by Pinwheels and Pearls and it is an incredible work of art!
LIL: I also bought art from Art Candy!! The artwork is beautiful and because I couldn't decide...I bought about 6 prints!!! Luckily I have four daughters!

Image via Art Candy

KATE:  Diptyque Candles are one of my favorite indulges, Tuberose being a favorite because it reminds me of our Wedding Flowers and gives off such an intoxicating smell!!
LIL: I love Candles that smell like food...Strawberry, Chocolate, Oranges etc...it must be my love of food that draws me to that type of smell lol!


'When I was little, I always wanted to be....on Young Talent Time!! My sister and I used to dance around the loungeroom with hair brushes and copying all their dance moves! There may have been Ra-ra skirts involved too!!

Image via Pinwheels and Pearls

Thank you so much Kate for such a fantastic interview! I look forward to seeing Pinwheels and Pearls grow from strength to strength this year and hopefully working together again soon...

Lil xx


February 21, 2011

Wedding on a Budget...

In November 2010, I was contacted by a client who had heard about Lily Chic Events through her celebrant. She was getting married for a second time but this was her husband's first wedding. So, they decided to have a Lunch Wedding with family and friends.  They had booked their Reception at a local venue that hired out the room, tables and chairs only. 

She had wanted to do everything herself to save money...however realised she had bitten off more than she could chew as there was no way she would be able to get ready AND decorate her room on the day of her Wedding!  This is where I came in...

Normally, I like to 'create' elaborate and unique concepts that create the 'WOW' factor. When my client told me her budget was just $300 for the room decorations I admit, I did hesitate to agree to take on the challenge!  BUT as she really didn't have a lot of time to organise anything, I felt I had to help her.

Thankfully she wasn't too fussed in the details and I was able to have free reign in my idea's. She wasn't having a bridesmaid so again, I was able to choose the colours for the design. She wasn't on Facebook so instead jumped on the website and fell in love with my Spring Fantasy photo's. 

We both decided this would be a great theme due to the time of the Wedding Reception (midday) and the setting was very rural.  

I began with the Tablecloths...white linen. I had these and hired out 10.  Being a day Wedding, I chose to include the large Round Mirrors so the centrepiece would still look beautiful even though it wasn't dark inside the room. I had these also so hired out 10.

I LOVE my Antique White Crystal Candelabra's and thought it would be perfect for the style and so hired out 10 for the day.  For the Spring Fantasy shoot I went with Votive lamps and pink pom pom's, however with the budget constraints, I chose plain white Church Pillar Candles and instead used a Pale Pink Crepe Ribbon that wrapped around each candle, and atop this was a Pure White embroidered  floral ribbon that was held there with double sided tape. The Crepe Ribbon cost $5.00 and the White Ribbon cost $1.20 a metre...I purchased about 10 metres.

My client loved the Clear Glass Votive Candles so we went with only 3 per table (this worked out well as the Candelabra was 3 footed so it looked great at the base of each foot). To make them less plain, I placed them in a cute Spring Printed Cupcake Wrapper. Inexpensive yet effective.

To bring in some greenery, I found some scatters by Martha Stewart made out of Vellum Paper cut into leaves and flowers. (Two packets was plenty and they were about $5 a packet). 

To bring everything together, we both really liked the floral arrangements as seen on the shoot. However, using the tin containers would have blown the budget so instead I chose hot pink hard plastic flower pails ($1.30 each and I bought 30). I tied green and white twine around each pail and stuck a 3D Pink Vellum Lily Flower on top of the twine for a nice visual effect.

We had to wait till the day before the wedding to decide on flowers as she didn't want them to be too made up..just randomly place inside the pail. So on the weekend I headed off to the flower market and chose pale pink and white Carnations ($3 a bunch) and some white Gyp (Baby's Breath) as the filler. I finished these off the night before so that the flowers would open a little on the day.

And finally, on our final meeting four weeks before, my client was a little worried about the dark blue carpet and dark blue seats. I offered her my Lycra Chair Covers with a Pale Pink Organza Sash ($1.95 each) and she agreed. So, her budget was $300 and we did everything for just slightly over $400 with the Covers! Amazing, considering there was 100 guests!

This is the final look...with the before and after shots...

Note: My client had a Roast Spit and an open bar for all Adults and McDonald Happy Meals for the kids (great idea!), hence no cutlery and glasses were added to the tables. We placed plates only for the adults with their name tags done by the Bride.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this DIY Wedding come together. If anyone is interested in hiring items from Lily Chic Events for their own DIY Wedding, please feel free to email me.

In about 3 weeks time I am Styling two very different Weddings! One is a Black and White Vintage Wedding and the other is a Modern Purple and Red theme!

Lil xx

February 13, 2011

Winner of the 1500 liker Giveaway!!

When I first started Lily Chic Events I sent invitations out to my female friends and I got about 50 'likers'.  I was so excited and I had no idea what I would post to keep these 50 likers interested! Then one day...a lady who owned a business page 'liked' my page and asked me to pop over and see her page...I was blown away by this small 'networking' gesture. I visited her and she 'liked' over 1000 pages! WOW!

So I began 'liking' other business pages and watching them grow. When I liked something I saw, I posted on the wall and they can and visited me...and so it began. So simple but so thrilling to know you can get opinions of 1500 people (potentially) daily! So my 'watching the numbers grow' began.

I had a 'goal'. Can you guess what that was??  Yep...1500...and I am amazed and humbled that I achieved that within 12 months. So, this GIVEAWAY was very important to me as I really wanted to hear why you follow my page, and what inspires you. This I got and I have LOVED reading all your entries and all the fabulous parties you are all planning or wanting to plan.

There are FOUR runners up that deserve a mention as I was so impressed with their creativity and hope it may inspire you for future parties!

The first RUNNER UP is....  mommy dearest...

Hi Lil! Firstly just let me say how amazing you and your girls are! My little guy was born two weeks early because of pregnancy complications and spend some time in NICU, while we were there we got to know a few Mums with prems, and they just cope so well. I dont know how you guys do it! My hat off to you!
Okay so Ive been tossing around some ideas, and I would love to see a star themed party! Constellations on the ceiling, shooting stars, each table named after a planet, that sort of thing. By the way I dont like your Facebook page, I LOVE it!!!

Photo found on Google
I know that the above pic is of a wedding...but who says we can't do a similar thing for a 'Star Party'! I am so inspired bu this theme and I hope one day I get the opportunity to create exactly this party!  

The second RUNNER UP is.... Billie Mac...
I've been a fan of your page for a long time and love looking (drooling over) at all of your party concept designs. You have such a talent to pull of the different aspects together for your clients. maybe one day we'll need you too!
I would love to see a construction party design - my little boy is 3 this year and that is going to be our party theme. Thinking diggers and sand and traffic cones! Maybe even some toddler sized HiVisibilty vests!

Photo by Kara's Party Ideas
I loved this idea because what little boy doesn't like trucks??? Even my 37 year old husband's ear's perked up when I read out this one!! There are so much you could do with this theme and I hope Billie does throw one one day...I would love to see the final product..

The third RUNNER UP is... Roslyn...
Hi I'm a fan and love looking at your concepts. I would love a Denim and Lace Cowgirl theme for my granddaughter or Monsters for my grandson.
Image via Google
I had so many idea's for this theme! I think this would be great for a teenage party with girls and boys...thank you Roslyn...

The last RUNNER UP is... x N...
I would love to see a 'farm' themed party. Im planning on doing either that, or a teddy bear picnic themed party for my little guy's 1st birthday in April. (Which ive started planning now) He was also a NICU baby. He's older brother and sister (Who would adore the princess party goodies!) have both been very understand throughout our past year of hospital runs and tests. I think a Farm party will benefit all of them! Cant wait to see what you come up with!
Photo by Hannah Banannas Designs
How sweet is this one?? My daughters LOVE Build-A-Bear and this party would work for so many age groups too. If anyone has had one of these parties...please post some pics on the page...I would love to see the ideas! 


                          BABY WRANGLER

I'd love to see a Hungry Caterpillar theme (one of my son's fave books)...I've seen a few on the web, and I've seen a few commercially available items to do one...bit if anyone could blow all that out of the water...you could!All the colours....
Image via Child Care Options

How much fun will I have creating this party!! I purchased all these fruit and vegetable shaped candles ages ago and have wondered what I will 'create' with them...and when I saw this party idea...it came to me! I will be creating this Party Concept within the year and I look forward to showing you exactly what I did, how I did it and what I used! Thank you so much Baby Wrangler for this concept...I have a feeling I am going to LOVE styling this one.

What do you win?? This is what you win...

Fairy Princess Candles from Robert Gordon
Fairy Princess Invitations from Robert Gordon
A Fairy Princess Party Pack
Another 12 Fairy Party Bags
Favour Boxes from Robert Gordon
Pink Heart Shaped Doilies from Robert Gordon
Heart Shaped LED Lights from Robert Gordon
Hot Pink Paper Lanterns
5 Ribbon Wands from Pinwheels & Pearls
20% off your first purchase from the SHOPPE
FREE Party Concept from Lily Chic Events


You will also receive 4 of these gorgeous Vases that will only be found in the Shoppe!!

Found at Shoppe with Lily
Again, thank you all for supporting Lily Chic Events and I look forward to finding new products for you all to buy and also creating events that continue to inspire you!

Here is the link to the new SHOPPE WITH LILY so pop in and take a look around...

Lil xx

February 7, 2011

Lily Loves....Minki & Me AND Sprowt Graphic Designs

Every morning I hop online whilst my twins play at my feet, and check Facebook. Less than 12 months ago, I followed no business pages..today I follow close to 1000! 

I have formed friendships with other Mum's that work from home and now I would like you to meet them too. So without further ado..may I introduce... 
                                 'Amber Hopwood'

Amber created not one, but two successful businesses... Minki & Me AND Sprowt Graphic Design, WOW! Amber and I met during one of my crazy giveaways! To me, Amber's like one of the 'cool' girls you went to school with...the one with lots of friends...and will help those close to her no matter what or how. She adores her son Spencer and you will adore her too.. 

Amber & Spencer..
What do you love most about your jobs?
To be honest I don't call them jobs. To me they are more.  Just part of my life and I love the fact that I am lucky enough to work from home and financially support my family at the same time and live comfortably. I love providing customers with quality products and the satisfaction I get from positive feedback from both business's makes me so proud of what I have accomplished and what is to come. 

What makes them so unique? 
Both minki&me and Sprowt are unique because it's been a creative outlet and will always be a reflection of me. Each product is slightly different from the last. We provide a wide range, Superior Customer Service & provide products with a lasting effect. 
Minki & Me products..

What has been your proudest moment with both businesses? 
The proudest moment for me would be my parents being proud of what I have accomplished. I am only 23 years old, so supporting my family in the best way I can and knowing I am only going up from here makes my future and my families look very bright. 

What has inspired you this week?
Music plays a big part in my inspirations...if I have music on in the background I can usually get anything done (apart from the housework, but that is always there right? hehe).  Fellow WAHM's also play a big part in keeping me inspired. There is so much amazing talent out there,  I just cannot keep up and one in particular this week was Nicky from Nicky's Art.  I just did some design work for Nicky and she is truly inspirational.   She has 4 young boys,  is the author of best seller children's book "Go Away, Mr Worrywarts" & "Happy Thoughts Are Everywhere...",  produces quality canvas artworks, motivation gifts and the list goes on.  Nicky is also a  highly sort after keynote speaker on the topic of mental heath issues in children.  She really is someone who I look up to... a truly inspirational Woman. 
Wall stickers from Bright Star Kids Agent - Elisha Squire &brown monkey & suitcase from Gorgeous Porgeous 

 How do you make time for both Minki & Me and Sprowt?
Only now after years of white boards, spread sheets and notebooks have I found a balance between minki&me, Sprowt & Family. My Mum also plays a huge part in helping me with minki&me. I think anyone can find that balance, it just takes time and patience. If anyone says being a WAHM is easy then they are lying. Its hard work and you need to LOVE what you do or it will not work. You need to be serious and professional and understand it all takes time. I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world! 

What's in store for 2011?
2011 brings lots of new fabrics, inspiration and collaborations with fellow WAHM's. It's going to be a fantastic year. I can't wait. 

What Party Trends do you LOVE right now? 

I am really into the "Carnival Theme."  I am not sure if it's because my son  just got a makeover of his room in red and white but I loved it so much that my Engagement party in March is being themed around it.   I adore the bold red and white stripes, the popcorn, pinwheels, photo booth and the overall look.  It's just a lot of fun!

Spencer's Room designed by Amber!

What Party Trends are you so OVER right now? 
I am really over Owls... I think owls have been a little overdone in the Party Theming department.  They sure are cute, but now when I see an owl I will just switch off! I also am a little over Green & Pink, something about it makes me feel icky! 


 Favorite Colour?
AMBER -  White & Red.  I love white because it's so clean and fresh.  It symbolises purity & perfection. Some even say it symbolises a desire for simplicity or the simple life but I like my life just the way it is, (very busy) maybe thats why I like it so much? I love red because of the power of the colour and also because it's often associated with love. In our house it reflects into my businesses and there is a lot of love!   
ME - Purple.  I have loved this colour since I was a little girl.  I remember being about 5 years old and going to a family friend's wedding with my parents and grand-parents. My grandfather, Deda, was wearing the most beautiful shade of Purple in his tie, that I couldn't stop looking at it. Every time he wore that tie, I would be so happy! I have that exact colour on the walls on my twins room and even though he's gone, it still makes me smile!
Twins Room
Favorite Holiday Spot?
AMBER-  My favorite holiday spot would be Phillip Island.  We go and stay in a little Eco Lodge and its so peaceful and relaxing (even though I sneak my laptop in and wireless to check my emails often). It's tiny and a nice break from the city life of Melbourne. We get to go swimming, go bike riding and just relax.
ME - Penang in Malaysia.  The year I met my husband, I booked a six week trip to Europe..by myself!  I t was something I had wanted to do for a long time, and James understood. So, I went and travelled...and missed him like crazy!  So, he decided to join me for five days in Penang, on my way home. We got engaged a week later...it was a perfect holiday! 
Spencer fishing for trout at Phillip Island

Food you couldn't live without?
AMBER - Candy, Some people say Coffee I can't stand the taste my addiction is Candy i need it to keep me going. Any type of candy I am not fussed If its sweet it's for me! 
ME - Pasta! Any kind of pasta! Thankfully my husband loves it as much as I do because I normally make it three to four times a week!  

Favorite Facebook Page?

AMBER - Oh this is tough... I have so many, one being Lily Chic Events.  Lil goes above and beyond to help me when I am chasing something for that special event. I also love and adore Maternity Bags - Tamara is outstanding plus her product is so unique and gorgeous. I also love Bubbabutts - Kristy from Bubbabutts creates my sons MCN's.  She provides such quality products and I admire professionalism.  From  WAHM's, these three businesses inspire, motivate and keep me grounded. 

ME - I have a few..Tara K Designs by the lovely Kerrie whom I email to get an honest opinion (thank you!), Jennifer Birkhead Design by THE Jennifer Birkhead herself.  When I email Jen, it's usually 5 or 6 requests in one email...and she never complains (yet!) 'Tea&Sugar' Collections by the gorgeous Corrinne...she supports my business 110%..and last but not least...the reason this interview began...Amber! 

Sprowt Graphic Design
 Thank you so much Amber for sharing a little bit of yourself with us! I hope everyone who took the time to read about who Inspire's me found a little inspiration too!

Next week is the launch of Shoppe With Lily...so stay tuned for a special blog post coming up...

Lil xx


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