February 7, 2011

Lily Loves....Minki & Me AND Sprowt Graphic Designs

Every morning I hop online whilst my twins play at my feet, and check Facebook. Less than 12 months ago, I followed no business pages..today I follow close to 1000! 

I have formed friendships with other Mum's that work from home and now I would like you to meet them too. So without further ado..may I introduce... 
                                 'Amber Hopwood'

Amber created not one, but two successful businesses... Minki & Me AND Sprowt Graphic Design, WOW! Amber and I met during one of my crazy giveaways! To me, Amber's like one of the 'cool' girls you went to school with...the one with lots of friends...and will help those close to her no matter what or how. She adores her son Spencer and you will adore her too.. 

Amber & Spencer..
What do you love most about your jobs?
To be honest I don't call them jobs. To me they are more.  Just part of my life and I love the fact that I am lucky enough to work from home and financially support my family at the same time and live comfortably. I love providing customers with quality products and the satisfaction I get from positive feedback from both business's makes me so proud of what I have accomplished and what is to come. 

What makes them so unique? 
Both minki&me and Sprowt are unique because it's been a creative outlet and will always be a reflection of me. Each product is slightly different from the last. We provide a wide range, Superior Customer Service & provide products with a lasting effect. 
Minki & Me products..

What has been your proudest moment with both businesses? 
The proudest moment for me would be my parents being proud of what I have accomplished. I am only 23 years old, so supporting my family in the best way I can and knowing I am only going up from here makes my future and my families look very bright. 

What has inspired you this week?
Music plays a big part in my inspirations...if I have music on in the background I can usually get anything done (apart from the housework, but that is always there right? hehe).  Fellow WAHM's also play a big part in keeping me inspired. There is so much amazing talent out there,  I just cannot keep up and one in particular this week was Nicky from Nicky's Art.  I just did some design work for Nicky and she is truly inspirational.   She has 4 young boys,  is the author of best seller children's book "Go Away, Mr Worrywarts" & "Happy Thoughts Are Everywhere...",  produces quality canvas artworks, motivation gifts and the list goes on.  Nicky is also a  highly sort after keynote speaker on the topic of mental heath issues in children.  She really is someone who I look up to... a truly inspirational Woman. 
Wall stickers from Bright Star Kids Agent - Elisha Squire &brown monkey & suitcase from Gorgeous Porgeous 

 How do you make time for both Minki & Me and Sprowt?
Only now after years of white boards, spread sheets and notebooks have I found a balance between minki&me, Sprowt & Family. My Mum also plays a huge part in helping me with minki&me. I think anyone can find that balance, it just takes time and patience. If anyone says being a WAHM is easy then they are lying. Its hard work and you need to LOVE what you do or it will not work. You need to be serious and professional and understand it all takes time. I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world! 

What's in store for 2011?
2011 brings lots of new fabrics, inspiration and collaborations with fellow WAHM's. It's going to be a fantastic year. I can't wait. 

What Party Trends do you LOVE right now? 

I am really into the "Carnival Theme."  I am not sure if it's because my son  just got a makeover of his room in red and white but I loved it so much that my Engagement party in March is being themed around it.   I adore the bold red and white stripes, the popcorn, pinwheels, photo booth and the overall look.  It's just a lot of fun!

Spencer's Room designed by Amber!

What Party Trends are you so OVER right now? 
I am really over Owls... I think owls have been a little overdone in the Party Theming department.  They sure are cute, but now when I see an owl I will just switch off! I also am a little over Green & Pink, something about it makes me feel icky! 


 Favorite Colour?
AMBER -  White & Red.  I love white because it's so clean and fresh.  It symbolises purity & perfection. Some even say it symbolises a desire for simplicity or the simple life but I like my life just the way it is, (very busy) maybe thats why I like it so much? I love red because of the power of the colour and also because it's often associated with love. In our house it reflects into my businesses and there is a lot of love!   
ME - Purple.  I have loved this colour since I was a little girl.  I remember being about 5 years old and going to a family friend's wedding with my parents and grand-parents. My grandfather, Deda, was wearing the most beautiful shade of Purple in his tie, that I couldn't stop looking at it. Every time he wore that tie, I would be so happy! I have that exact colour on the walls on my twins room and even though he's gone, it still makes me smile!
Twins Room
Favorite Holiday Spot?
AMBER-  My favorite holiday spot would be Phillip Island.  We go and stay in a little Eco Lodge and its so peaceful and relaxing (even though I sneak my laptop in and wireless to check my emails often). It's tiny and a nice break from the city life of Melbourne. We get to go swimming, go bike riding and just relax.
ME - Penang in Malaysia.  The year I met my husband, I booked a six week trip to Europe..by myself!  I t was something I had wanted to do for a long time, and James understood. So, I went and travelled...and missed him like crazy!  So, he decided to join me for five days in Penang, on my way home. We got engaged a week later...it was a perfect holiday! 
Spencer fishing for trout at Phillip Island

Food you couldn't live without?
AMBER - Candy, Some people say Coffee I can't stand the taste my addiction is Candy i need it to keep me going. Any type of candy I am not fussed If its sweet it's for me! 
ME - Pasta! Any kind of pasta! Thankfully my husband loves it as much as I do because I normally make it three to four times a week!  

Favorite Facebook Page?

AMBER - Oh this is tough... I have so many, one being Lily Chic Events.  Lil goes above and beyond to help me when I am chasing something for that special event. I also love and adore Maternity Bags - Tamara is outstanding plus her product is so unique and gorgeous. I also love Bubbabutts - Kristy from Bubbabutts creates my sons MCN's.  She provides such quality products and I admire professionalism.  From  WAHM's, these three businesses inspire, motivate and keep me grounded. 

ME - I have a few..Tara K Designs by the lovely Kerrie whom I email to get an honest opinion (thank you!), Jennifer Birkhead Design by THE Jennifer Birkhead herself.  When I email Jen, it's usually 5 or 6 requests in one email...and she never complains (yet!) 'Tea&Sugar' Collections by the gorgeous Corrinne...she supports my business 110%..and last but not least...the reason this interview began...Amber! 

Sprowt Graphic Design
 Thank you so much Amber for sharing a little bit of yourself with us! I hope everyone who took the time to read about who Inspire's me found a little inspiration too!

Next week is the launch of Shoppe With Lily...so stay tuned for a special blog post coming up...

Lil xx



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