February 17, 2013

Summer is almost over...

I cannot believe it is almost Autumn...and it has just passed our 'purchase' date, 12 months later!!

We are loving the property and still cannot believe it is ours.

My last post I showed you all the inside changes going on and I thought I should show you some changes outside to the garden.

Our driveway
The front of the house
The view from the pool
The view from the porch
The door/meal bell!
Porch fun
The new play area 
The new garden bed next to the driveway
I planted strawberries and hanging baskets

Was a rose garden....now a veggie patch!
Fritatta our new hen
Bobbi the Cow {our pet}
The beautiful tree behind the pool that keeps us cool
Yep...we love getting muddy!
Love this view....

On my kitchen table...
 These pictures were taken at the start of the season and I cannot wait to show you what Autumn looks like here!

I am going to try and do regular posts and this week I will endeavour to show you what I did for the twins Gumnut Party and how I am preparing for Mixi's 13th Birthday Party in May!

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