October 16, 2011

WINNER of the HARRY POTTER Competition..

I am a week late in posting the WINNER of the Harry Potter Exhibition Tickets...and for that I apologise!  I was too focused on the Peekaboo Competition that I forgot about my own.

If you entered though...your odds were great!

One in four chance of winning!

I gave this opportunity to my Sydney fans, but only four entered.

But that's ok...because I have a WINNER!

TARA STOCKDALE...who wrote about her favorite story growing up..

My fav was Lord of The Rings... but I have to confess, I kinda skimmed over all the fighting scenes and just read the chapters about the elves and the actual storylines.... I loves all the riddles in The Hobbit so much that I typed them up and printed copies to stick around my room... I even memorised them... So so sad :) 

I saw an advertisement for this exhibition about 2 months ago and swore I was going... I love Harry Potter... But To Be Honest I probably wont get to... with 2 kids under 4 and me not working there isnt enough money to extend to doing what Mummy wants to :( 

Hence me entering this competition!!!! 

Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!!!

Thank you to all that entered this competition...and keep your eye out for upcoming GIVEAWAYS and SALES!! 

Lil xx

October 3, 2011

My TWINS 2nd Birthday Part Three...

Today's blog post is all about SWEETS!

After getting my Invitation, I always try to book in a Cake Maker in as early as possible because more often than not, the best ones are booked weeks in advance!

I have a few favorites that I like to use.  Juli from One Sweet Girl has made me many Cakes and Cupcakes and I adore her work.  She is artistic and I love her touch of Vintage and prettiness.  Leoni from Just Call Me Martha is a dear friend of mine and we have worked together on a few Collaborations lately.  Her imagination is amazing and her work reminds me very much of My Sweet & Saucy {a well known cake maker in the US}.  

This time, I decided to see if Kate from Kiss me Kate was available as again, I am a huge fan of her work.  She reminds me a lot of myself and the way I like to style a table. Kiss me Kate has also got that 'wow' factor that I search for and was so very happy when I found out they were available on that date.

I emailed Kate the Invitation design and the Inspiration board and also with what I had envisioned. I believe Kate and her team will bring to life what I am looking for and also know that it will taste amazing.  Coming from a European background, my family is obsessed with sweets.  Every function, this is the most talked about thing!  So, for me, this was a very important decision.

I searched Pinterest and found some styles that I liked and then showed them to Kate.  She will ultimately make the final artistic decision on these and I trust her implicitly.  Always use someone that you have either used before and are happy with or someone that has been recommended.  There are Cake Makers out there that charge a lot of money but their Cakes and Sweets look store bought.

I have decided to go with 4 small cakes.  These will form a part of the table design.  Each cake will be a different shade of pink..an ombre effect.  As mentioned, the final design will be up to Kate and her team.

The rest of the table will be made up of small bite sized sweets, and sticking to the theme, and given the movie is based in the 1930's, the sweets will be very old fashioned.  Think pies, tarts and slices.  

The Invitation and the Cake Maker are two of the most influential stylists you will have for your Event.  Even if you think about Weddings, when you receive the Invitation in the mail, you immediately get excited to see what theme and colours the Bride & Groom will be going with.  Then on the day of the Wedding, as soon as you enter the reception hall, you want to see the Cake! This is the same for Birthdays.  You don't have to spend lots...be smart about where you invest your money. 

Sian's Vintage Birthday that I recently styled cost roughly $10.50 a head.  This included the sweets table with all lollies and candy included, an original design, set up by myself, and all Table Jars and plates.  Gen, Sian's mum, arranged the Cake and the cookies and it didn't cost the Earth, but looked amazing!

Next post I will reveal who will be helping me on decorations and unique touches.

Lil xx
My Inspiration from Pinterest, an Ombre Cake!

Cupcakes by One Sweet Girl for my Beatrix Potter Easter Shoot

Cake by One Sweet Girl for Mikayla's 11th Birthday

Kiss Me Kate's beautiful work

Cake and sweets by Just Call me Martha for our Wedding Shoot

Sian's Vintage Birthday Party {Cake made by Cakes by Laura}

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