October 16, 2011

WINNER of the HARRY POTTER Competition..

I am a week late in posting the WINNER of the Harry Potter Exhibition Tickets...and for that I apologise!  I was too focused on the Peekaboo Competition that I forgot about my own.

If you entered though...your odds were great!

One in four chance of winning!

I gave this opportunity to my Sydney fans, but only four entered.

But that's ok...because I have a WINNER!

TARA STOCKDALE...who wrote about her favorite story growing up..

My fav was Lord of The Rings... but I have to confess, I kinda skimmed over all the fighting scenes and just read the chapters about the elves and the actual storylines.... I loves all the riddles in The Hobbit so much that I typed them up and printed copies to stick around my room... I even memorised them... So so sad :) 

I saw an advertisement for this exhibition about 2 months ago and swore I was going... I love Harry Potter... But To Be Honest I probably wont get to... with 2 kids under 4 and me not working there isnt enough money to extend to doing what Mummy wants to :( 

Hence me entering this competition!!!! 

Thanks for the awesome opportunity!!!!

Thank you to all that entered this competition...and keep your eye out for upcoming GIVEAWAYS and SALES!! 

Lil xx


zoella harry potter said...

Thanks. You know it always makes my day to see you enjoy reading about Harry. :) I'm thrilled that you liked this piece.

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