July 8, 2011

So....U Think U Can Sing?

I have been wanting to share another of my Event's with you all for a month now...and I finally have the opportunity! So without further ado...I present to you all...So U think U can Sing??

My daughter Mikayla {turning 11} had been planing this party in her head for two years! She came to me 6 months ago and proclaimed she wanted an 'Oliver's Idol' like party. We brainstormed names and she finally decided on So...U think U can Sing? Her favorite colour is green with blue being a close second...so we chose turquoise and candy pink with touches of black. I enlisted the help of my dear friend Jennifer Birkhead to design the Custom Invitations and Printables.  Jen and I decided to go with the 'Ticket' that contestants receive when they get selected into the Top 100. 

Mikayla invited 8 friends so with the small number, I was able to spoil them a bit more! Her friends arrived at 11am and they were able to have some 'warm ups' on a Karaoke Machine we installed for the day! They LOVED this! I had bought some checkered flooring and pink lights and they had a ball! 

For lunch the girls were shown to their seats which I had personalised with individual Suitcases.  Inside the Cases was Fluffy Ear Muffs, Slippers, Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss, Nail Polish and a Gorgeous Strawberry scented soap from Bubble Lane! This case was to represent their home away from home whilst they were in 'Berwick'! They also had individual Choc Mint flavoured Cupcakes made by Juli from Sweet! Cupcakes and Treats. These were devoured immediately after lunch!

Some more singing ensued after lunch and the three judges awarded each girl a different award after they sang their selected songs! 

The sweets buffet was styled my me, and the gorgeous Cake was made by Juli too! It was pink and blue layered and tasted divine!  Candy Soiree's provided the chocolate beans and Little Big Company sent me the Swizzle Sticks.  I made the Star Shaped Shortbread Pops and the Mint Slice.  The cones which housed my coloured popcorn were hand made by Celebration Today! The Superchick Way in the U.S.

The girls filled up their metal buckets and also grabbed a Ribbon Wand by Pinwheels and Pearls on the way out the door.  We took them all in to the Arts Centre in Melbourne for a session called 'Art Play'.  They were shown how to make their own music in a Studio and actually made a CD each to take home!! They loved this! 

All photo's were taken by Jane from Coco by Miss Jane! Thank you Jane for joining me on this special day!! 

It was such a great day that finished at 7pm that night! Mikayla said it was her BEST Birthday EVER...what more coud I ask for??


Lil xx

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