February 13, 2011

Winner of the 1500 liker Giveaway!!

When I first started Lily Chic Events I sent invitations out to my female friends and I got about 50 'likers'.  I was so excited and I had no idea what I would post to keep these 50 likers interested! Then one day...a lady who owned a business page 'liked' my page and asked me to pop over and see her page...I was blown away by this small 'networking' gesture. I visited her and she 'liked' over 1000 pages! WOW!

So I began 'liking' other business pages and watching them grow. When I liked something I saw, I posted on the wall and they can and visited me...and so it began. So simple but so thrilling to know you can get opinions of 1500 people (potentially) daily! So my 'watching the numbers grow' began.

I had a 'goal'. Can you guess what that was??  Yep...1500...and I am amazed and humbled that I achieved that within 12 months. So, this GIVEAWAY was very important to me as I really wanted to hear why you follow my page, and what inspires you. This I got and I have LOVED reading all your entries and all the fabulous parties you are all planning or wanting to plan.

There are FOUR runners up that deserve a mention as I was so impressed with their creativity and hope it may inspire you for future parties!

The first RUNNER UP is....  mommy dearest...

Hi Lil! Firstly just let me say how amazing you and your girls are! My little guy was born two weeks early because of pregnancy complications and spend some time in NICU, while we were there we got to know a few Mums with prems, and they just cope so well. I dont know how you guys do it! My hat off to you!
Okay so Ive been tossing around some ideas, and I would love to see a star themed party! Constellations on the ceiling, shooting stars, each table named after a planet, that sort of thing. By the way I dont like your Facebook page, I LOVE it!!!

Photo found on Google
I know that the above pic is of a wedding...but who says we can't do a similar thing for a 'Star Party'! I am so inspired bu this theme and I hope one day I get the opportunity to create exactly this party!  

The second RUNNER UP is.... Billie Mac...
I've been a fan of your page for a long time and love looking (drooling over) at all of your party concept designs. You have such a talent to pull of the different aspects together for your clients. maybe one day we'll need you too!
I would love to see a construction party design - my little boy is 3 this year and that is going to be our party theme. Thinking diggers and sand and traffic cones! Maybe even some toddler sized HiVisibilty vests!

Photo by Kara's Party Ideas
I loved this idea because what little boy doesn't like trucks??? Even my 37 year old husband's ear's perked up when I read out this one!! There are so much you could do with this theme and I hope Billie does throw one one day...I would love to see the final product..

The third RUNNER UP is... Roslyn...
Hi I'm a fan and love looking at your concepts. I would love a Denim and Lace Cowgirl theme for my granddaughter or Monsters for my grandson.
Image via Google
I had so many idea's for this theme! I think this would be great for a teenage party with girls and boys...thank you Roslyn...

The last RUNNER UP is... x N...
I would love to see a 'farm' themed party. Im planning on doing either that, or a teddy bear picnic themed party for my little guy's 1st birthday in April. (Which ive started planning now) He was also a NICU baby. He's older brother and sister (Who would adore the princess party goodies!) have both been very understand throughout our past year of hospital runs and tests. I think a Farm party will benefit all of them! Cant wait to see what you come up with!
Photo by Hannah Banannas Designs
How sweet is this one?? My daughters LOVE Build-A-Bear and this party would work for so many age groups too. If anyone has had one of these parties...please post some pics on the page...I would love to see the ideas! 


                          BABY WRANGLER

I'd love to see a Hungry Caterpillar theme (one of my son's fave books)...I've seen a few on the web, and I've seen a few commercially available items to do one...bit if anyone could blow all that out of the water...you could!All the colours....
Image via Child Care Options

How much fun will I have creating this party!! I purchased all these fruit and vegetable shaped candles ages ago and have wondered what I will 'create' with them...and when I saw this party idea...it came to me! I will be creating this Party Concept within the year and I look forward to showing you exactly what I did, how I did it and what I used! Thank you so much Baby Wrangler for this concept...I have a feeling I am going to LOVE styling this one.

What do you win?? This is what you win...

Fairy Princess Candles from Robert Gordon
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You will also receive 4 of these gorgeous Vases that will only be found in the Shoppe!!

Found at Shoppe with Lily
Again, thank you all for supporting Lily Chic Events and I look forward to finding new products for you all to buy and also creating events that continue to inspire you!

Here is the link to the new SHOPPE WITH LILY so pop in and take a look around...

Lil xx


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