February 27, 2011

Pinwheels and Pearls

This week I have the pleasure of bringing an interview of one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of working with...the lovely...
                                       KATE CHAPMAN...
Kate and her beautiful family

Kate is the creator of the whimsical PINWHEELS AND PEARLS! Kate and I have worked together for the Lily Chic Events Springtime Fantasy Shoot and she now stocks her gorgeous Ribbon Wands at Shoppe With Lily! Here Kate talks about herself and her thriving business..

What do you LOVE most about your work?
It's all about the children and seeing the happiness and joy on their gorgeous faces!  I also love the social aspect.  I have met some amazing people in business and got so much inspirations from these talented ladies!  It's so nice to have support from such lovely inspirational women who's gorgeous work puts a smile on my face everyday!!
Image courtesy of Kris McCann Photography 

What makes it so unique?
I have always been passionate about simple, creative and imaginative play and love the fact that Ribbon Wands are BATTERY FREE... The best toy is a simple toy!!  I love giving people a part of me in their orders.

Image via Pinwheels & Pearls

What has been your proudest moment with your business?

Every day there is a moment that makes me proud, that's what keeps me motivated!  I was certainly thrilled! Honoured! Tickled Pink! After seeing our Ribbon Wands go to print in "Shop 4 Kids"!

Feb 2011 Issue os Shop 4 Kids

 What has inspired you this week?
Colours, flowers, stationary and party blogs...I am addicted!!  Top of my blog list is Kate Landers Events LLC.  Kate has such incredible style and passion for design and I could browse her work for hours and just get lost in the gorgeous details.  There are so many photographers who have an eye to capture all the little details perfectly.  Kris Mccann and Renee Bell are two incredible ladies who I truly admire!

Image via Pinwheels and Pearls

How do you make time for Pinwheels & Pearls?
Ha Ha, with two toddlers...what a challenge!  However, love every minute of it!  I try and work as much as I can when they are sleeping, so it allows time for play dates, swimming and Ballet lessons.  Success is what you make it and finding a 'life' doing what you love is what is most important.

What's in store for 2011?
I am looking forward to expanding our Whimsical Range of products and to eventually have our website up and running.

Rainbow Wands from Pinwheels and Pearls

What Party Trends do you LOVE right now?
I love modern and simplistic, and absolutely love Dessert Buffets that you just want to inhale!  Beautiful Bunting, Pom poms, Party Printables...there are so many gorgeous party products and inspiration available online.

What Party Trends are you OVER right now?
These days it seems that a Party just isn't complete without a Photobooth, such a cute idea but perhaps a little over seeing Moustaches on Sticks!  



KATE:  Did someone mention Cake?!!  Cupcakes and Cheesecakes are my all time favorites!
LIL:  I am actually not a very big cake person...I much prefer Biscuits (but that's another interview!)  I do however LOVE Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (smeared with butter)....yum!! 

Image via Icing Design


KATEDefinitely Christmas, such a magical time and a perfect opportunity to decorate.

LIL: I would have to agree with Kate..I LOVE Christmas! I love the presents, the food, the family time, everything! 

Me asleep on the couch Christmas Day once the twins went down for a nap!

KATE: Love all types of Dance and Music.  We always have music on in the house to groove and work to (even if it is mostly The Wiggles and Justine Clarke!)
LIL: Swing! My husband and I met at Swing Dancing Classes at our local Pub! We even did a surprise Swing Dance for our Wedding Dance and I was 15 weeks pregnant with the twins! We were supposed to have ariels put in but had to change it due to the pregnancy!

My husband James & I on our Wedding Day!

KATE: I have the biggest wishlist, there is so much talent that I am discovering every day!  I can't wait to receive my Custom order from Art Candy.  The lovely Jessica created a Whimsical Twirling Girl Design inspired by Pinwheels and Pearls and it is an incredible work of art!
LIL: I also bought art from Art Candy!! The artwork is beautiful and because I couldn't decide...I bought about 6 prints!!! Luckily I have four daughters!

Image via Art Candy

KATE:  Diptyque Candles are one of my favorite indulges, Tuberose being a favorite because it reminds me of our Wedding Flowers and gives off such an intoxicating smell!!
LIL: I love Candles that smell like food...Strawberry, Chocolate, Oranges etc...it must be my love of food that draws me to that type of smell lol!


'When I was little, I always wanted to be....on Young Talent Time!! My sister and I used to dance around the loungeroom with hair brushes and copying all their dance moves! There may have been Ra-ra skirts involved too!!

Image via Pinwheels and Pearls

Thank you so much Kate for such a fantastic interview! I look forward to seeing Pinwheels and Pearls grow from strength to strength this year and hopefully working together again soon...

Lil xx



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