March 6, 2011

Creating the Amazing Race

My 30th Birthday fell in the middle of the Melbourne Winter. So..what to do??  Yes I could have gone out to dinner...yes I could have hired a I couldn't have...because I wanted something unusual...something that will have my friends and family looking forward to celebrating my 30th Birthday with me.

So...I began planning my Amazing Race Themed Birthday! I began the plans in February for a July Party! ( took that long lol!)  I started with the Invitations. It detailed the full plan for the day...what to wear (sneakers and the chosen 'team' colour), what to bring (camera, map, water, phone), team's (names), where it began and ended (my house) etc. I ended up with five teams of five and they all chose their team names and colours before the day.  

My teams arrived at 7am...they had a full breakfast provided by me (we all need energy early on a Saturday morning)..and then they all grabbed their first clue at 8am...and they were off! (The one's that thought ahead parked their car in a position where they could make a quick getaway!)  


Teams were asked to make their way to the Melbourne Crown Casino where they were to find the Galactic Circus.  Once at the Circus, two people from each team had to find a particular 'Motion Sensor' Ride. (A photo of the ride was included in the clue).  They had to complete the Ride to get their next clue. (They were given Clue number 1 & 2 at my house and were asked to take photographic evidence of the task being completed before opening the next clue).  Teams received $20 for that leg of the Race for parking and the Ride Cost.


Teams now had to make their way to the Melbourne City Library.  Once there only One person in their team were allowed to enter the Library.  They had to find the Children's Section.  In the clue they were given a list of 10 Children's Books with no author's names given and they had to find 3 books on the list.  Once they found the books, I had a family member sitting on a Red Chair in the Library...they had to find her and show her the books to receive their next clue. 

For this Clue to work, I had to check on the friday to make sure the books on the list were still in the library and not checked out and this was done online.


Once back with their team...the Clue could be opened.  It was the first 'Detour'.  Teams had to now make their way to a Bar called Chill On Ice Lounge.  Once there, they had to chose One member of the Team to take the Detour.  They had to choose between having a photo taken of them on the Ice Lounge (in a provocative position)...OR take the Shot of Alcohol which is served down an ice luge in an ice shot glass!!  Once the task was completed, I had a Staff Member of Chill On hand them their next clue! 

Staff here were really excited to be involved.  They were more than accommodating and I had purchased the entry tickets in advance so the teams weren't slowed down by the 
paperwork. My friends still talk about this one...


Mandatory Pit Stop! Teams had to make their way to the Hard Rock Cafe for Lunch. Their 'check in' time was recorded and they had to re-start the Race in the order of arrival.  I had pre-booked the table with the Restaurant with a rough estimate on arrival time. The food was all finger food so it was served quickly and with little fuss. The Hard Rock Cafe were really fantastic with this part of the Race and it went really smoothly.  It was great to hear the funny stories and see the photo's so far!


Teams were handed their next clue on their way out the it was time to SING!!  They made their way to a Karaoke Bar. The Bar was normally closed during the day but would open for private functions, so I had it opened for one hour during the day.  Teams had to choose a song and then 'Perform' in front of a Video Recorder! This was recorded and a momento to keep! The next clue was handed out by a staff member after the Song was completed..


Teams were then asked to hop onto a tram and to make their way to the Melbourne Cemetery.  (this gave the teams a chance to catch their breath...their was lots of walking done by this point!)  Once at the cemetery, they had to find the Monument dedicated to the famous 'Burke & Wills'.  Once photographic evidence was taken and shown to a friend who was waiting at the exit of the Cemetery..they were given their next clue!


As it was my Birthday...I decided to get all teams to then make their way to the iconic Queen Vic Market.  Once there they needed to find the Party Shop and purchase a packet of either 'Pink Balloons' OR Balloons with the number '30' on them.  They were given $5 for this leg of the race.  They then had to find a friend of mine wandering through the market holding balloons..and give them the packets in exchange for their next clue!


Teams had to make their way back to St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne City. They had to find the statue out the front and on the statue was a plaque with a date on it.  Once teams had this date they had to call a friend of mine on her mobile and tell her the date.  If it was correct she gave them their next clue!


We were nearing the end of the Race with only two clues to go.  Teams were tired by this point but amazingly not one failed to finish (it must be the competitive nature of my friends lol!)  The next clue had teams racing towards Chinatown in the heart of the CBD.  They had to find a Shop there whose name was printed on the clue (if you have ever been to Chinatown you would know that all names are in Chinese and they are mainly letters and Chinese! So they had to look hard or they would miss it!)  Once they found the shop they had to purchase a Baby Pink Lantern and bring it back to my Party.. $5 for this leg of the race.


Teams now had to make their way to the banks of the Yarra...for a Ferris Wheel Ride!  I had pre-purchased tickets for the Ferris Wheel and placed the tickets in the clue envelope.  All they had to do was hand them over and enjoy a quiet 5 minutes overlooking the Yarra River. Once their ride was over they had to find my friend who was waiting at the coffee shop next to the Wheel who told them to make their way back to my house for a Spit Roast Dinner and lots of drinks...and the first team there got the Prize!!

The Prize was Gift Vouchers to get a Massage and the runners up received vouchers to Breakfast at a local Restaurant and some 'gag' gifts!

So there you have Lil's 30th Birthday...Amazing Race!  I have to say this was by far the most I have had to organise and plan for a Birthday Party...and it did take many nights researching Melbourne's history...and even doing a test run before the big day...but it was well worth it! Almost 4 years later and I still have friends tell me it was one of the best things they did!  

If you are looking at planning something like this for your next Event...I would love to help you...I'm thinking of a Winery Based one next time....hmm...

Lil xx


Shelley said...

That is SO awesome!!!
I used to love doing "Car Rally" Days in Geelong...similar style of thing, teams start at a point with a list of clues, and have to drive around finding them, the winners were those with the most right answers, and the least amount of milage!!!

Ilja Oostenenk said...

that is THE most amazing 30th birthday celebration I have come across!! You have put mine to shame (so I will aim for a better 40th). xx

Karen D said...

Wow.....That would have to be the greatest idea EVER!!!

Lo xo said...

Oh how fabulous! This is something that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives!! Well done Lil!

Renee said...

This is fabulous Lily - what a fun day!

Danielle said...

I am so steeling this idea for my hubby's 40th next year! We LOVE the amazing race and this is the best idea EVER!!!

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