March 13, 2011

Eternal Memories Wooden Flowers

There are some people you meet who are great sources of inspiration.  Then there are some people who I personally aspire to be's always good to have a dream.  Then there is Kristie Heyden...creator of

           Eternal Memories Wooden Flowers

I remember seeing Eternal Memories Wooden Flowers in a Shout-out on Facebook and I thought..that sounds I liked her page.  After spending about 20 minutes going through her album's I was totally blown away by how Creative she must be!

I said to my husband James that night..."I am so in awe of WAHM's who come up with an original idea...and make it work".  There have been many pages since this epiphany that totally blow me away...but Kristie was the I am very excited to get to know her a little bit without any further is Kristie Heyden...

Kristie Heyden

 What do you love most about your business?
I love the flexibility of being able to work, do activities with/for the kids and having family time whether it's watching a movie at home or going out for breakfast at a cafe.  I also love the fact that I'm the boss and I get to do something that I enjoy.

What makes it so unique?
I work with a material {birchwood roses} that isn't very popular or seen which makes my bouquets and arrangements different from others whether they use fresh, silk or real-touch flowers.  I love how they look just like real roses and how you are able to admire them longer than the real thing. 

Real Wedding Bouquet made by Kristie
What has been your proudest moment with your business?

There have been a few moments but my proudest would have to be the first boxed arrangement that I made for a customer by request.  It was for her Aunty during the loss of her partner and the thanks I got from both of them was wonderful and unexpected. 

Boxed Arrangement by Kristie
What has inspired you this week? 
Seeing the new Wedding Colours for the season are just lovely and I can't wait to do some colour combinations to show everyone.  I'm also thinking back to the 60's after seeing my friends pinafores  for little girls that she made...not sure how I'm going to work that into my work just yet. 


How do you make time for Eternal Memories Wooden Flowers?
A lot is done at night after the kids are in bed.  On some nights Kris and I say "no work tonight" or "only till 9pm" otherwise we would never have some us time {and he is very supportive}.  I also do a bit during the day when it's rest/nap time and I have made Thursday's work day as this is kinder/care day.  

Kristie's gorgeous family xx
What's in store for 2011?
2011 see's lots of Weddings {6 orders at the moment}.  I love doing Wedding orders and I've got some different ones coming up, one which involves zebra print. 
New Idea's coming in 2011
What party trends do you LOVE right now?
I’m loving the vintage theme that is happening at the moment and for some reason I have a thing for polka dots in the classic black and white, I even got some boxes to make some arrangements. I also love the lolly buffet tables but I am a bit of a sucker when lollies are involved and the paper pom poms.

 What party trends are you so OVER right now?

I'm over the demo catalogue parties eg. tupperware {sorry to all who do them}. Don't get me wrong, some of these at home party plans have lovely products, I have recently purchased more candles from one, but I have been invited to so many in the last 6 months that I just can't take any more. 

Ribbon styles Kristie can create!

Favorite Pair of Shoes..

KRISTIE:  My thongs, they are Havaianas and I live in them! 

ME: I bought the most beautiful pair of Aubergine heels for my Wedding Day...and because I was 4 months pregnant (and there was lots of stairs) I decided to opt for the conservative I look at them everyday wishing I had somewhere to wear them!

Favorite Easter memory?

KRISTIE: Watching my girls wake up to find out that the Easter Bunny has been and they are allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast! 

ME: When I was growing up my brother (who's 7 years older than me) would wake me up and we would run to the backyard to collect all the Colourful Easter Eggs hidden in my parents garden!

My girls with our pet Rabbit
Favorite Song?

KRISTIE: My music styles change on a weekly basis, I'm into My Chemical Romance, Muse and Paramore at the moment. 

ME: I am infatuated with the movie Dirty I'd have to say "I've had the time of my life".

The facebook page you look at daily?

KRISTIE: Mine {hehe}.  I check the news feed and visit these pages regularly - White Lane Studio,  Lily Chic Events,  Ma'CakeOk Charli,  Crafty Mummas,  Yasminah's Gift of Hope,  Bloom & Scents {I'm sure there are heaps more!}  

Children's Names...and why they were chosen?

KRISTIE: Charlotte {Charlie} Lorraine - my choice, loved the name and the middle name is after my mum and Kris' nan.  Cleo Patricia - Kris' choice, name play after Cleopatra.  Connor Martin - Kris and I just liked the name and the middle name after Kris' dad. 

ME: Mikayla Kate and Georgia Elise are from my Husband James' first marriage. Aurelia Violet - Aurelia was chosen by James..he loved the name {it's a very old name and means Golden}, and I chose Violet {Purple is my favorite colour}.  Indiana Torah - Indiana was chosen by me {I love Indiana Jones lol}, and James chose Torah {he loves the snow boarder Torah Bright!}

L-R Mikayla, Indiana, Aurelia & Georgia
Lastly finish this sentence...

When I was little, I always wanted to be....."a mermaid or live in the sea"!

Thank you so much Kristie for sharing a little bit more with all of us! I am very excited to be using some of Kristie's gorgeous Design's for the upcoming Beatrix Potter Easter Table Shoot! 

Till next week...

Lil xx



Nicole Answer said...

I absolutely love your work Lillian and also Kristie i love yours. Since planning my own wedding, i have become truly obsessed with all things wedding.

Cant wait to see more from you both.


Jennifer Birkhead said...

Lovely interview, love learning more about other WAHM xx

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