February 14, 2012


THANK YOU so much for entering!! We had such a HUGE response that we actually had over DOUBLE the entries this time compared to last time!

Below is the WINNERS names and it can be verified by Rafflecopter below.  All names were drawn via Random.org.  

If you see your name, please email lilychicevents@gmail.com BY WED 9AM on the 29th FEB 2012.  I will then email you to tell you which prize you won and how to contact the vendor.

If you have won a State only based Prize, please let me know and we will re-draw the name. You will win a $20 Gift Voucher to Shoppe with Lily instead.

If there are any questions, please email Lilian at lilychicevents,com.au.


-Carla Fitzpatrick
-Elise Boylen
-Gemma Phillips
-Krissil Fegebank
-Christine Harb
-Kate Ryan
-Katie Boyajian Wyckoff
-Kiara Mansell
-Amanda Ryan
-Suz Harris
-Sarah McDonald
-Sharon Thurston
-Crystal McFarlane
-Danielle Reeves
-Arri Amoore
-Tammy Manning
-Krystal Howell
-Kiri Brunsden
-Tracey Biletic
-Nikki Bimbo
-Tami Thompson
-Bec Munro
-Fiona Chambers
-Joanna Cook
-Andrea McHugh
-Allison Owen
-Nicole Barbary
-Nikki Foureur
-Elyse Wilson
-Megan Canfarini
-Lee Farmer
- Melanie Seaward
-Sian Elizabeth
-Amie Fabry
-Sarah Deaves
-Tammie Flemming
-Natalie Davidson
-Nicky Rudd
-Amber Kemp
-Clara Little
-Briley Drury
-Karin Jones
-Selina Tedford
-Peta Maras
-Hannah Foley
-Yvette Wilson
-Tracey Galanos
-Samantha Savva
-Cathy Russell
-Suzanne Butler
-Amy Obrovac
-Rebecca Aziz
-Jessica Ahchay
-Kirsty Figallo


WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend on anything they have designed

WIN a gorgeous Pink Dove hand printed Tea Towel 

WIN a Gorgeous Pink Pettiskirt {Ages 1-3}

WIN a $50 gift voucher that can be used towards a lolly/dessert table {Perth based} or can purchase lollies through CLB

WIN themed baked items to the value of $100 {Melbourne based} Can be made up of themed sugar biscuits, melting moments, macarons, cakepops or cupcakes.

WIN A Large woven rattan Pottery Barn Kids Easter basket, a Scroll fairy door (winners choice of colour), a White sparkly tulle pettiskirt with satin bow -  (size 4-6), a White singlet featuring lace, satin bows and gems – (size 4-6), aWhite flower fairy wand, a pair of Fairy wings with flowers and ribbon and a bottle of Fairy Dust

Perth Based Lolly Buffet for up to 70 people valued at over $600!

WIN a gorgeous Strawberries & Cream Bunting

WIN a pair of Pink Polka Bowhinds and Matching Swing Top.

WIN a $50 Party Printable Voucher to spend at the MLJ Shop

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend in Leanne's Shop

WIN a Victoria & Albert Museum two tier cake stand with a RRP of $60

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher for work by Sprowt Graphic Design
Vintage Couture Event Styling

WIN a 9L Drinks Dispenser

WIN a small hexagon birdcage in antique cream and a $20 Sweet Little Birdy voucher

WIN a $60.00 Gift Voucher to spend at their Shop

WIN a beautiful Butterfly Hairclip, a Felt Leaf Hairclip and 5 x Ribbon Wands!

WIN a $40.00 Gift Voucher and a 10% off Gift Voucher to spend on gorgeous Wooden Flowers

WIN a gorgeous Hair Accessory Pack

WIN a Freestanding Word (15cm high) of your choice and also includes a small embellishment if you like.

WIN a box of 12 cookies. Winner can nominate a date to accept the prize worth $50

WIN a set of 5 15" Rainbow Pom Poms from Ah-Tissue

WIN two sets of 10 'Sweet Treats' Test tubes from Test Tube It

WIN a set of 5 15" Damask Pom Poms from Ah Tissue

WIN a set of two hand held Chalkborad 'Speech' & 'Thought' bubbles plus a set of 5 Chalkboard cake Bunting from Chalk It

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend in Mon Tresor's gorgeous Shop

WIN a set of Coffee Coloured Timber frames with glass inner. Frames sizes are 8”x10”, 5”x7” and 4”x6: Valued at over $150. 

WIN a party pack including baking cups, cupcake toppers, candles, sprinkles, lanterns and cupcake stands worth $50
Affair to Remember

WIN a 12" White Ceramic Ribbon Cake Stand

WIN a 12 month modelling contract {Sydney based}

WIN this gorgeous Hair Accessory pack

WIN a $100 Tiny Tots Toy Hire voucher and can be used on any toys, props,
kids tables and chairs etc. Valid till 22 Feb 2013. Sydney metro only.
Excludes delivery.

WIN a hanging crystal backdrop curtain

WIN a multi spot cream jug (capacity = 0.3 litre) and multi spot covered sugar bowl (capacity = 0.25 litre) 

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend in their shop

WIN a fantastic Red Roses Organza Camera Strap Valued at $75.00

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend in their Shop

WIN a $100 Gift Voucher for chocolates of the winner's choice!

WIN a Blk & White Damask Party Package including Bunting, flag cupcake toppers, fabric chalk labels and miniature bunting

WIN a fully customised Party Planning Kit for any small social event

WIN a box of 72 Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher

WIN a $150 Gift Voucher to be used on any photography sitting/ CD of images and or Design / Logo / Invitations {Melbourne based}

WIN a custom letter 5 x 7 frame embellished with your choice of letter

WIN a $60.00 Gift Voucher to spend in their Shop

WIN a $100 Gift Voucher for a custom made celebration cake in 2012 {Based in Fremantle}

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher

WIN a $100 Gift Voucher {Brisbane based}

WIN a $50.00 Gift Voucher to spend on hire's or products

WIN a $20 Gift Voucher and a 20% off Gift Voucher

WIN a girls organiser with hair clips

WIN a $20.00 Gift Voucher

WIN two VIP shopper 'early' tickets for Melbourne Mamma's Market on Sunday 18th March 2012.

WIN One box of 12 Macarons and a $50 Gift Voucher towards any custom macaron of your choice

WIN a Daydream Carnival style dress with cream rosettes and ruffles.  Sizes 000-3.

WIN a Dolly & Me Headband set in white

WIN two dozen gourmet artisan cookies in a Gift Box

WIN all these items and a $50.00 Gift Voucher

Party Printables

WIN a Party Printable Kit

Enjoy!! xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sam said...

Well there goes Wednesday scrolling through all the delicious page links now

Lara Motta said...

A few didn't work directly, but I have liked them on FB separately. What a wonderful giveaway - oh if anyone could be so lucky!!

Looking forward to checking out some of these great new pages.

Jen said...

i hate dial up...... it will take me all week to view them all!!!!!

natalie bailey said...

im the same as lara - not all worked but i just did it threw fb :) what a lovely comp

Kellie said...

Another amazing selection of fabulous pages, talent and gifts!! Thanks Lily!!! you've done it again!!!

Adele said...

At the top it says enter using the link below... is there a link somewhere or is all the liking enough?

Tanya O'Hanlon said...

All liked and loved what beautiful pages and talented people <3

Leonie said...

Great give aways.

Anonymous said...

Cookie Dough Biscuits = drool

CowboysAndSweethearts said...

What a generous giveaway! Looking at all the Facebook pages I am in awe....some gorgeous gorgeous items!!

Alexandra said...

beautiful pages & amazing prizes <3 everything about this giveaway
huge fun of some already, now for the rest of afternoon i will go through the rest...fingers crossed i win something for my princess or even something for mummy :) good luck everyone

Allison Owen said...

WoW! I fell in love with so many new pages just then... thanks for the competition!! Allison

Anonymous said...

Oh so many new fantastic pages found thank you. Talia Tomba

Mokimoto said...

All liked :) GOod luck everyone

Anonymous said...

What an awesome giveaway. Love some of these new pages I've discovered through this (as well as the ones I was a fan of before)

Jodiem17 said...

wow, some awsome pages i didnt know about, one even near where i live, lol thans for the chance, fingers crossed such beautiful prizes. QOuld love this for helping organise a party to celebrate my rainbow baby (baby born after a loss of a child) coming home party!

Marnie said...

Can't wait to check out all these new pages! I can't believe how many gorgeous small businesses I've stumbled across on FB in the last couple of weeks! Also great to see quite a few WA based businesses!

Just Right 4 U Jewellery said...

done - and 6 didnt work for me either?

Anonymous said...

Love this page and adore the give aways! Thank you.

cassandra said...

thank you found some wonderful new pages, now to go back and have a look

Melli said...

super excited ..so glad my computer got fixed in time to see this wonderful giveaway..i already enetered and i will share over at my page luv melli from melli's designs xox

gribou said...

So lovely !
How can I play to win voucher, please ?
Best :)

Mel said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Done and a few didn't work for me either.

Jodie said...

Love all the new pages...mmm it's now going to keep me broke finding all new and pretty things.

Jodie said...

Thanks, i've like all the pages, but having a little trouble.

Justine said...

What a fantastic giveaway, a couple of the links didn't work for me as well, but I will head over to Facebook to make sure I have "liked" them all properly anyway - would be thrilled to win absolutely any of these amazing prizes!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the opportunity to find so many nice pages on facebook XX

Anonymous said...

lots of melb pages yay! off to shop lol ty!


fiona said...

What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for putting in the effort to organise it!! I had a bit of trouble with some of the links so fingers crossed I've "liked" all the pages.

Karlene said...

A few didn't work directly, but I have liked them on FB separately.

Laura Tomanek said...

OMG!! This is the giveaway of all giveaways! I am crossing my fingers that I win. :) These are some really great vendors - thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

Kiara said...

Simply amazing comp! Thanks for showing us some gorgeous pages too that I hadn't found yet :)

Fordene said...

Oh yeah .. Thank you for leading me to sll these awesome pages/business as I am having a double big 30th bdae for my partner an I in Agust and all these great oppertunities will help me have a wow amazing bdae!!

Kind regards
Jah Bless

supajulo said...

Wow! All done :)

Anonymous said...

what a great giveaway

bryce.leanne said...

Great Comp, just about to start looking through in detail

Amanda De Santis said...

So many fabulous new pages to add to my news feed and love! All liked and loved, Thanks Lil for having the courage to do it all again and thank you to all the vendors for their generosity. Amanda x

tracey kruger said...

great comp, love the pages.

julianne said...

great pages and prizes

Cathy said...

What a great prize- whoever wins will be truley spoilt! (I found some of the links didn't work- hope I liked the correct ones when looking up on FB).

Angie Delarie said...

Wow what wonderful giveaway's great comp!
Love all the prizes..

Alannah said...

what an amazing line-up of eye candy and some real candy too! Six links didn't work, although I found two on them on fb;Zalizoo, Click click boom,Little sweet baking and cookie dough biscuits. Found Mini models Australia and Little sooti blog. smiles and thanks for the chances

Deb Lewis said...

Absolutely amazing. Thanks for introducing me to such beautiful business sites. Gorgeous products. Love, Love, Love. thanks

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a late night for me. So many wonderful sites to visit.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Deliciously decadent, treats galore what a little haven you have here on your blog. shazillas@hotmail.com

kerry santillo said...

thankyou for a chance ♥

Our Little Soiree said...

Gorgeous giveaway again Lil. Such a great way to meet new businesses and want a wonderful chance for some beautiful prizes :)

Kendall_sowerby said...

AMAZING COMP!!! entered :-)

Christym said...

Liked all...amazing giveaway!

ErgoSpazmo said...

Liked all and found some awesome new pages :) Goodluck everyone

sam said...

hey have entered but my post didnt appear here so am posting again! didnt want to miss out on the yummy goodies on offer - good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

LOVED & "Liked" them all! Wonderful to come across so many fantastic businesses and to send some more love to my already favourites! xx

Anonymous said...

Karin Rose here. I liked all the pages so what happens next? Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

Anonymous said...

I have liked all the pages :) what a great giveaway! Stephanie Hunter jellybeanstephanie@hotmail.com

Allison said...

'Liked' everyone - so many beautiful things! Totally coveting the drink dispenser :-)

Leisa Sandles said...

Wow! So many gorgeous pages. Have liked them all. Fingers and toes tightly crossed that I am lucky enough to win some of these beautiful things for my twin girls. Thanks for running such a fabulous competition, and good luck to everyone :)
Leisa Sandles

vickilw said...

OMG That will take me all day to do, but so worth it, the pages are all absolutely divine. :)

Hazel Schreiner said...

So many great pages, many I was already following, but found a couple of new pages! :) Hazel

Teneille said...

Hmmm thought I had commented but doesn't look like I have.thanks for organising this lilian.have liked all the fab pages.goodluck all :)

chalouha said...

Ok i think I have liked everyone!! Thank you so much for this competition, i found so gorgeous pages but i also have to say now we need to start a page for shopaholics anonymous and a weight lose page as i will be needing both very soon!! lol!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! that's alot of likes!!.. thank you for introducing me to so many beautiful pages!! good luck to all..xx

Danae said...

Liked all... what a great comp and great pages to view!

vickilw said...

Phew....that was hard work....:)

Anonymous said...

Done thanks for the comp =)

Hayley C said...

Wow, amazing! So many wonderful new pages to look at and tempt me. Thank you :)
Hayley C

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing! So many great new pages to look at and be tempted by.
Hayley C

naomip said...

What a FANTASTIC giveaway. Good Luck everyone.

Deanne S said...

wow so many beautiful items and fantastic pages to look at :)

Larissa Muir said...

Great Give Away Lil!! So many gorgeous pages and products!!

Anonymous said...

Some amazing pages here! Good luck everyone :)
Cat F

Anonymous said...

My goodness what a wonderful comp gorgeous pages hope i win maybe will keep my fingers Debra x

Anonymous said...

Wow great giveaways and fabulous pages. Goodluck to all.

Kyrie said...

Done!! Very excited :) And such fabulous pages!! Xxx

Leah S said...

This is going to be dangerous for the waist line...all of these wonderful new pages on my feed and so many of them selling lollies and cakes.....YUMMO

Sarah said...

Done!! What an amazing competition!! Good Luck everyone

carly vlach said...

each page is so beautiful, i love it all!!!

wendy pearce said...

Done.Hope to win something.

The Ugly Duckling said...

Done - all smiles just hoping and dreaming of winning one of these prizes.

Kirsten Hayward said...

Thanks for introducing me to some lovely new pages!! Good luck everyone!

Mumof2 said...

Thank you for such a generous giveaway... Just took me ages to enter:-) hope I win!

Samara Leigh said...

Thank you so much for making me aware of so many new pages. Looking forward to browsing and buying from them all.

Bec and Michael said...

awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for hosting another giveaway, Im sure it takes valuable time away from your family - but we LOVE it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway & fantastic pages :)

Anonymous said...

I love all the beautiful pages. I hope I can spoil my two girls with all the beautiful gifts. Thank you so much for letting myself and everyone else to enter an amzing competition. Good luck to everyone who has entered.

Anonymous said...

Hi, whatbeautiful pages, I would love to spoil my two girls with all of these beautiful gifts. thank you so much for allowing myself and everyone else who has entered this amazing competition. I wish everyone the best of luck.

Roxanne said...

Amazing comp thanks Lil love all the new pages I have just discovered : )

Elle said...

Liked everything and now have fingers toes and legs crossed!! What a giveaway! xx

Sapphire Designs said...

all done:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Love all the beautiful pages.Great competition, best of luck to everyone who has entered.

Anonymous said...

Great comp and I went through and "liked" every one. there were some great prizes, I hope I win!

amy gormley said...

wow so many great pages

Diana said...

Great competition with some lovely pages I did not know existed. Have liked all pages. Many thanks,....

Diana Comber

Diana said...

Great competition! - found many new gorgeous pages I never knew existed. Have "liked" all pages. Many thanks,...

Diana Comber

Terrie said...

That was fun, seeing all of these wonderful shops. Thank you for the opportunity. Can't wait to see if I win one of these delectable prizes.

Toddstar said...

Have liked everything!!! And I LOVE this giveaway!!! Ohhh here's hoping xx

Elle said...

Forgot to provide this!! Too overwhemled with girlie gorgeousness xx

Sharon said...

Wow, what a great idea! Of all those pages listed I had only 'liked' one before today...now I have 'liked' them all! Looking forward to seeing more from all those pages in my newsfeed :)

sarah7681 said...

All Done, what a generous givaway this is. Soo many beautiful sites out there. Fingers Crossed.

Michelle Killeen said...

Have liked/entered everything that was listed. Thank you. Good luck everyone.

Kelli said...

Fabulous Competition!!! Thanks for introducing me to these fantastic businesses x

Melissa J said...

I actually had already liked a number of those pages - not surprising really as some go off the cute-ometre :D Glad to have found some new ways to spend hubby's money too :D Thanks!

Julie said...

A fantastic competition with so many awesome pages I came across along the way!!
I have liked all pages.
Good Luck to everyone:)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome competition with so many great pages that I found along the way!!
Have liked all pages.
Good Luck to everyone:)

Julie Anderson

Anonymous said...

Nothing like leaving it till the last minute.
Have liked all the pages !! it took me a while but got there in the end. Thanks so for running a great competition, you will be busy sending all the prizes Lillian !!
Ruby May Designs.
P.S Cant seem to post using my google account.

amanda kking said...

have liked all the pages i didn't already have on Facebook - cant wait to look back over them - my wallet is already hyperventilating

Anonymous said...

Just a tad excited :) not to mention all the new pages I've just fond thanx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic giveaway - I think I have done it all correctly (fingers crossed). Gorgeous pages. Good luck to everyone <3

Riss Clarke- Live Laugh Love Photography said...

All Done! Liked All and LOVE ALL the pages!!! What a great bunch of pages! I'm in my glory! Hope to speak to a lot of you in the future!

Joanna Cook said...

Wow! What a huge giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity :) Like all

Scrapozzie said...

Fantastic. There are quite a few pages that I am going to go back and look at now. Might have to hide the credit card LOL

Sarah Simmons said...

I have liked all the pages! Love everything! Fingers Crossed! xx

Bettina said...

Liked everyone and everything!What beautiful products have been showcased.Hoping for good luck in winning something!

Anonymous said...

Lots of inspiration here! Thanks Tammy Hitchcock :)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome competition and there are so many great pages I came across while "liking" them all.
Good Luck to everyone:)

Julie Anderson

Anonymous said...

Have liked all not many i had to add to my like list which was great. Very generous of all those companies to give so much away. Thanks for organising it Lily. Fingers Crossed hope i win. Cheers

Kerrie said...

Well its 5.36pm in nsw and i have just gone through every page to enter to find at the bottom it says This contest is no longer accepting entries.ARRRR feeling alittle cheated time of close at the top says Entries will close on the February 23rd at midnight (Melbourne time). The Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter and posted here on Monday the 27th of February. Winners have 48 hours to contact me after receiving notification that they have won or they will be disqualified and another winner wil be chosen. There are some state specific prizes, so if you are chosen please email me with the State you live in. So what happened .Kerrie

Gemma said...

Wow, I'm not sure my credit card is going to like me, but thank-you for introducing me to so many beautiful products and services. I live in NSW, but I'm closer to Melbourne than Sydney by several hours! Thanks, and I have my fingers crossed I win ANYTHING!

Gemma said...

I'm a little sad as the same thing happened to me as it did Kerrie- I liked all the pages, but it was too late despite being before midnight :(

Kara said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Kelli Cohen said...

Congratulations everyone xo

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