November 7, 2012

Bedrooms in the Cottage..

When we bought the property we knew the bedrooms were going to be a tight squeeze to say the least, especially the girls rooms.

Mikayla and Georgia's rooms are part of the original house and were built without wardrobes, so prior to moving in we purchased some free standing wardrobes off ebay.

This is what Mikayla's room looked like when we bought the house..

In Mikayla's room we had purchased a bed which was listed as a double for $65! When we got it home James stripped it right back to raw wood. He took out the damaged cane insert {which I originally wanted to keep but lost the battle:)} and painted the whole bed white.  I purchased some gorgeous trellis designed fabric online and we made the insert a tad modern.

This is what the bed looked like when we bought it..

I went out and bought a double bed mattress and as we were making the bed we realised it was in fact a Queen! So back went the mattress and luckily we could swap it over.

This is what Mixi's bed looks like now..

I love how different it looks now!  For Mixi's wardrobe I picked up this BARGAIN again off ebay! We picked this up for $130!! It's dated 1930!

And James started painstakingly stripping it back to raw wood.. to then get told by me to please paint it white! Everyone told him he was CRAZY...but he must be crazy in love because he....painted it white...

I LOVE this piece and wish it was sitting in my room...but for sits in Mixi's room.

In the twins room we were lucky because it was part of the new extension it was built with a wardrobe.

This is the pic of the room before we moved in..

And this is the twins room now..

 I still need to change the blue curtains and paint the panelling but overall it looks 100% better than what it did!

And now for the master bedroom!  When we saw this room, James and I knew painting it would be the first order of business! Four days later and we were still painting it and could still see the blue!  I have since decided to paint the panelling a different colour but again...for now it will do.

Before we moved in..

And this is my lovely room now..
Well it was until I sold this bed and bought another... {which I painted in french grey and white}..

 There is still so much to do in here but I had to show you the progress!  Next blog I will be including my office and outside..

I hope you enjoy this blog and gain some inspiration from it!


Anonymous said...

Lil, it all looks great - and I just love your new grey bed!

Tanya said...

Looks great lilian. Your bed looks fabulous !
I actually like the yellow in the twins room - makes it feel bright and happy :)
Your lucky daughter with that gorgeous wardrobe !
You are doing an excellent job :)

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