May 4, 2011

Mother Day Table Challenge

At the beginning of April, I received and email from my Facebook friend, Renee from Luminoso Blu.  She had an idea and wanted to know if I wanted to Collaborate it with her.  Her idea was to get people to create a Mother's Day Table.  She wanted them to have fun creating it and get people who normally create tables for others (like their kids!) to create something that they could enjoy with their family.

I LOVED the sound of it...and quickly agreed!

Next up was the prizes...what could we offer to encourage you all to continue the excitement and passion you would surely get from creating your tables?  Renee offered a Handmade Wedding Book (that I have on order btw, because I love it!), and some party supplies that anybody could create with..a gorgeous cupcake stand, cupcake toppers, and party plates.  I also wanted to encourage you all to continue styling, so offered a $100 Shoppe with Lily Voucher and also a full Inspiration Board for any Event to be used within 12 months and supplies to the value of $200 for that Event!

Next up was the judges...who could we rope in to do the enormous job of choosing the 'best of the best'?  For me it was easy...but would they do it?? hesitation!  Leonie owns and runs the very successful Just call me Martha.  She is a mum of 4 and has never trained formally in Cake Decorating but she is AMAZING!  And the lovely Lou and her equally lovely partner in business, Mel own and run Little Big Company.  They have a keen eye for the inspirational and will do a fantastic job in judging!

So, without further ado, I would love to present each entry beginning with Thy Nguyen.  Thy emailed us with this brief introduction..

"I thought I'd submit some of my photo's for this comp for fun.  I'm a stay at home mum of 2 girls (from Melbourne) and in my spare time I like to google pictures of pretty tea cups and dessert tables because it makes me happy"

I love the food, the presentation and the gorgeous platters and candles! I would love to wake up to that table! YUM!
Thy Nguyen

The next submission was from Jessica Zevaka from Print a Party.  Jess said her photography was terrible (her opinion only lol), but had lots of fun putting together this table.  And it shows! 

Jess Zevaka
I love the pom poms, bunting, the netting that makes it more intimate, the paisley and the fresh colours!  Us mum's can just imaging sitting there on Mother's Day surrounded by family and just eating and drinking it all in! Bliss!

Jodie-Lee was the next submission.  Jodie emailed me and told me a little bit about herself and the design.  Here is what she wrote,

"My name is Jodie-Lee Hoe, I am a 23 (almost 24) year old mum of a 20 month old little girl named Kirby...she is my world.  I am a wife to my wonderful husband Ash...we just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  We live in Geelong, Victoria...I love being a mum...I grew up being the eldest of four girls and I guess that's where my 'mothering' nature first appeared as I often had to stand in as mum when our mum wasn't well or was working.  (I grew up in a single parent family).  I love creating things...cakes, sweets and food in general, invitations, sewing and other general crafty projects.
PURPLE has always been a strong colour that runs through our family.  there is just something about it that brings calm, happiness and a special warmth...hence colour theme.
The mosquito net was used for several mum bought it for me when I was younger and hung in my daughters room.  Also, when I was growing up, mum would help us build cubbies/tents in the lounge with blankets and we camped there all weekend.  I wanted to incorporate this feeling as it bought back so many memories."

There were so many touches here dedicated to Jodie-Lee's the Australian flowers, the food and using whatever she had in the house (as this is what her mother taught her) that it's hard not to be happy that Jodie had such good memories whilst putting this table together!

That same day, I received a submission from Sarah from Princess Allure.  Sarah wrote in her email that she was lucky to have an hour and a half whilst her son was asleep to put this table together! WOW! Now that's multi tasking!!  Sarah wrote,

"My Inspiration for this table was my mum and my son.  My mum loves flowers and my som loves birds, so I have combined the two into this table setting.  Homemade Pancakes, Fresh Strawberries, Yoghurt, Fresh Juice and Lemon Tea is on the menu. Little Handmade hair flowers are the favours and the parasols are ready for a stroll outside in the sun after brunch is finished."

I love the details and the gorgeous decor that Sarah used from around her house.  It never ceases to amaze me what we have at home that we tend to overlook when we plan an Event! Well done Sarah!
The following day I received an entry from Janis Nunez from the Pampered Chef.  For Janis's table I particularly love that she has used the good plates, linen napkins, the food looks delicious and I would love to sit down for breakfast there! Yum!

Janis Nunez

The next entry that day was from the very busy Tara from Sweet Little Birdy!  In Tara's email she tell's me that she created a small, intimate table for 4 and used her mother, her 2 sisters and herself as the inspiration.  

And here is the delicious menu..
Pumpkin Soup with mini toast
Bacon & Zucchini Slice
Ham, Cheese and Lettuce Rolls with Tomato relish and sour cream
Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes
Chocolate Selection Platter
Rainbow Cake
Jelly & Meringues


I love the pretty pink girly and the special touches that Tara added like the flowers and the pretty table cloth! My girls and I would have a ball at this setting! Thank you Tara for your creation!

Julie Harvey sent in the next submission that same day.  Julie wrote to me,
"I just saw the comp today and it's my last day of holidays with 4 kids here on a play date!  So it was now or never - hence no actual food for the photos...he he.."
Thank you Julie, for submitting your entry even though you must have been very busy that day! I love the yellow doilies and the vintage suitcases on the table! So sweet!

The next submission was from Talei who used all the food from her families business called Trudy's Treats.  She enjoyed putting this table together and we can see why!  It's bright, original and the food looks amazing! Well Done!


Kylie from Sweetly Saved Cake Stands submitted the next entry.  This entry goes to show that you can use anything to display your food on! So unique! You have to look at all the detail in these pics...from the heart choccies on heart plates, the wooded figurines of a mother holding her pregnant belly, the ribbons and the tea bags and of course the cereal in the tea cups! Very clever!!


Sarah from Princess Allure sent me another entry later this same day as she wanted to also create a table for her Nanna.  I did get asked the question, why did Sarah add another entry, and quite simply, this Challenge was to Inspire you all to create something that you wanted to have for Mother's Day, and this is what Sarah was doing.

I love the difference between the two shows that no two people are our mum's...unique!


The next table is the actual table Malinda Blair created for her family last Mother's Day and loved it so much she wanted to submit it to the Challenge! I would be proud of this table too...look at all that yummy food!!  The biscuits with the pink filling match the roses perfectly and I love that she went to the extra effort to design place cards and even napkin holders to match! Very Creative!

Malinda Blair

Erica who owns and runs Moonlight & Whimsy (love that name!), submitted our next entry...and I must say, it was very refreshing to see this colour palate!  Everything you see in the pics comes from the business and wait till I tell you what was served...FRENCH TOAST & BACON CUPCAKES!!! YUM!! The rest of the menu was Pikelets with Lemon Butter, mini breadsticks, hard boiled eggs and in the daisy felt candle holders there are sugared almonds.  And of course...Sparkling Wine!

Erica had lots of fun putting this table together and it shows!

Next up we have a submission from Gayle who owns and runs I Will Invitations!  Again, the colours and details of this table make it as unique as Gayle!  I love the matching table cloth, the photo frame, the birds in the cages and LOVE the bunting!  

Cat who owns and runs Caked to Purrfection submitted this 'simple' Mother's Day Table.  I think it's far from simple but Cat says she wouldn't have it any other way!!

I love the Cake and the cupcakes! It makes the whole table look so well put together! Well Done Cat!!

Ellie then sent us these pictures of her submission.  Ellie owns and runs Moyarta Events and is new to Facebook so wanted to show her likers what she could do with a little inspiration! And what a fantastic job she has done!  


Next up...Trish from Essential Wedding Designs sent through this 'White & Woodsy' design!

I really love the personalise photo on the table and that she set it up outside. It looks so inviting!! Thank you Trish, you have done a fantastic job!

In contrast, the next table is in dark & bright red tones, which again shows how different we all are!  This entry is from Naomi who set up the table inside her home.  The cupcakes, each place setting and the mirror frame in the centre of the table make so special.  You can see she spent time looking around her home to see what she could use...and that's what creating is all about!


Rachel sent through the next table and it is lovely and fresh and inviting! The apple green looks lovely on this table! 

I particularly love the apple place settings with hand written cards and the gorgeous flower arrangements! Well done Rachel!

Kym from Style Wedding & Events sent through the next email which was a Champagne & Waffle Brunch! Kym's husband enjoyed this lovely breakfast (maybe she can re-create this for fathers day lol!)


Kirsten Hayward then emailed through her photo's for the Challenge.  She said,
"It was such fun organising and preparing for this.  We were able to spoil my mother in law with an early brunch as they will be away on Mother's Day. We had a lovely day and she appreciated it - which is the important thing!"
This was great to hear and the colours are just gorgeous! I love the bunting and the pom poms!!

Bec from 3 Piece Events emailed me her submission this week and it is so pretty! Her mum works for AusAid and is on a remote island and won't be home for Mother's Bec sent her these pictures of her table so she knows she is thinking of her!! So sweet!!

Yesterday, the last day of the competition, I received two more emails.  The first was by Sarah who owns and runs Super Simple by Sarah.  Sarah had lots of fun too putting this together and also loved to see all the other entries popping up!


And the lucky last is by the lovely Jessika!  Jessika set her table up outside and included some personal pictures too! Thank you Jess for your submission!


So there you have it! The round up on the gorgeous entries for 2011!! Now I hand it over to Leoni, Mel and Lou to see who they choose to be the overall WINNER!!

Till next week..

Lil xx


leegirl_87 said...

wow, you have done such a great job on giving a run down on every entry, and its great to hear the inspiration for each table ....and they all look soo great. the judges will have a hard time on their hands choosing the winner.
you've done a great job Lil, thank you for the opportunity. jodie-lee ox

Moonlight and Whimsy said...

This is awesome - I love reading everyone's background! Happy Mother's Day everyone! xo

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