May 23, 2011

Indoors Picnic

The winter weather is upon us here in Melbourne...with only the occasional Sunny day now..and this wreaks havoc on our family outings (that we love to do!)

A few weeks ago, we planned an outing to a Picnic Ground with family but woke up to very heavy Rain..that matched our heavy hearts as we were especially looking forward to it!

So...I decided that because we had organised the food and the company already...why not surprise everyone with a Picnic in my own living room!

I got my husband on board...and we got that is..

We moved the couch, brought in the Picnic Table and Picnic Rug...placed a mozzie canopy overhead, pulled out the Picnic Basket, Lit some candles in Luminaire Bags and placed the movie Camp Rock on the telly!

When our guests arrived with the kids...they were so excited that they could still enjoy this family tradition without all the formalities of setting the table and using cutlery lol!

We ate our homemade pizza's, cold chicken and salad and drank our coffee from the thermos all afternoon...and LOVED it!

So when you next look outside and see the rin coming down...bring the outdoors in..and ENJOY...the kid's will love that you made their weekend just that little more extraordinary..

Lil xx

The living room after all the shuffling!

A place for the babies to crawl and still smell the flowers!
A Venetian Feel..

With the mozzie canopy.


Tara @ Mum-ments said...

Oh Lil thats a fantastic idea! Love it i think master J would get a kick out of something like this x

littleloulou said...

Totally cool!

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