June 13, 2011

Lily Loves....Little Sooti

I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you all to Thetis Sardo, owner of the very creative and inspirational Little Sooti Blog. Thetis is a fellow Melbournian who inspires everyday with creative Blog posts and pretty Parties from around the world {and her own creations are unbelievable also}! 

I will have the pleasure of working with Thetis in the very near future and thought it would be a great way to get to know her and her growing business.


Little Sooti Shop
What do you love most about Little Sooti?
"I love the fact that I can work from home doing something I love and the opportunities it brings and has brung me." 
 What makes it so unique?
"I am continually sourcing new and exciting brands and items and I do try to stock brands that are not readily available elsewhere. I also pride myself on great customer service and gift wrapping my orders with love."
Little Sooti Products

 What has been your proudest moment?
"My proudest moment was when my online store launched.  I have always been the type to talk about dreams and ideas and never really go through with them. So when I finally opened my store after building it up from scratch was a big, “YAY, I did it!” moment.  I was so proud of myself."
 What has inspired you this week?
"This week I have been inspired by my new work space. It needed a little tidy up and makeover and now that I have done that I feel inspired to get working on some of the projects I have going on and my new range of paper goodies."

How do you make time for Little Sooti?
"I work throughout the day whenever I can in between kids sleep, cleaning, washing clothes and all the rest. The kids and household comes first, then I can relax and do my work on my laptop not stressing that things are a mess around me. I also work nights when the kids are in bed, my bedtime the past couple of weeks has been 1.30am!"
Thetis and her gorgeous daughter Zoe

 What's in store for Little Sooti this year?
I am currently working on Little Sooti’s own Gift Wrapping Kits and accessories which include lots of gorgeous bits and pieces like twine, stickers, kraft wrapping paper and lots more to help you wrap and decorate a gorgeous looking gift. I’m hoping to launch them at Mathildas Market in August. I am also launching my new ‘hire’ section on my store for Melbournian event planners, photographers and customers to hire a gorgeous collection of cake stands and props from my ever growing collection."

What Party trends do you love right now?
"I love the classic fairytale themed parties that have been popping up lately. In fact, I am working on styling one in the next few weeks. Watch this space."

Tea Party styled by Little Sooti

 What Party trends are you over right now?
"I think pom poms have had their place in the party styling industry. They do look great and I still like to use them, but it’s time for a little change." 


Favorite dress? Thetis - "My wedding dress (I think because that’s when I was at my thinnest.)"
Lil - "I have lots of dresses from Forever New that I love...it's my favorite fashion shop!" 

Favorite Childhood Holiday Memory?  Thetis - "We went on a lot of day trips in Victoria rather than actual holidays. I used to enjoy those very much. Loved using those long drives to think and dream away. Ive always been a day dreamer! LOL!"
Lil - "We would go to Cohuna every year at New Years time when I was little.  I went every year until I was 18...then one day my husband asked me where we should go camping one year...and it popped into my head.  We took the kids and we loved it so much that we have been back every year! We even took the twins last year and they slept in out tent in portacots...and LOVED it!"

My daughter Indiana camping in Cohuna

Favorite Movie of all time? Thetis - "Oh, that’s tough as I have many so I will choose 3. The Goonies, The Breakfast Club and The Lost Boys."
Lil - "Easy...Dirty Dancing!  The closest I ever got to dancing like Baby was taking Swing Dancing lessons...and would you believe this is where I met my husband!"

Me and my husband dancing on our Wedding Day

The Facebook Page you last purchased from? Thetis - "Bella Vita Craft Designs (https://www.facebook.com/BellaVitaCraftDesigns)  – I purchased a wooden name sign for my son Luca’s room."
Lil - "Bubble Lane (https://www.facebook.com/bubblelane) I just had to get some of the Strawberry Frosting Cookie Star Soap favours for my daughters party {post coming soon}.  They were unbelievable!"

My daughter Mikayla with her Bubble Lane soap
Last holiday destination and why? Thetis - "Gold Coast – it was close and doable with a toddler and when I was 8 months pregnant!"
Lil - "Gold Coast too! We took my parents too to say thank you for helping us with the twins all year! We had a ball!"

Lastly...finish this sentence.....
"When I was little, I always wanted to be......." a secretary, an archeologist, an interior designer. One has been ticked off the list.."

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/littlesooti/    


Gayle said...

Great to hear more about owner Thetis behind the gorgeous Little Sooti. Wonderful news about the expansion too, being a Melbourne party business, I would be most interested in hearing about hiring things, both for clients and for photo shoots.
Great interview Lilian :)

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