September 29, 2011

My TWINS 2nd Birthday Part Two...

Today I received a lovely email from another WAHM that has 3 year old twins.  Her story was so very similar to mine.  It feels lovely to hear from people that know what I went through. Thank you to everyone for your kind words.

This post is dedicated to how I begin my 'Event Planning' process.

The first thing I choose is the Invitation.  To me, the Invite sets the entire scene for the Party.  It tells the guest's what to expect the day of the party.  You can either choose a fill it in Invitation, or have a Custom one made.  Both are popular and I have used both depending on the Event.

Last year I found an excellent Graphic Designer, Jennifer Birkhead Design, and I love using Jen for my Events.  Jen creates exactly what I am after and I never have to amend the design.  They are perfect!

There are so many places you can find Invitations.  Fill-it-in Invites can be purchased from Jennifer Birkhead Design and Shoppe with Lily.  They are made out of cardstock and are very cute!

Custom Invites can be ordered online via Etsy, MadeIt or ask any stylist to recommend a Graphic Designer.  If you are planning to use Printables for a sweets table then using a Graphic Designer is a good idea.  It gives the party a consistant look and feel and will be easier for you to style.

This is the 'mood board' I found and emailed to Jen..

I just fell in love with the 'happy' colours.

I asked Jen to create an Invite that had a vintage feel, had a quote on it that I loved, and used these colours.

As a child, I had always loved the movie 'Chitty, chitty bang, bang'.  The kids in the movie are twins and they dream big...their imagination runs wild and free and I love that they fall in love with their step mum, Truly Scrumptious.  So, the overall theme of the twins birthday will be 'SWEET".

And here is the Invitation that Jen Designed for the Twins 2nd Birthday...

What do you think?

The next blog post will be on choosing vendors.

If you have any questions on choosing Invitations, feel free to email me at

Lil xx


Anonymous said...

The very best wishes to you as you plan this wonderful party!

LittleBigCompany said...

gorgeous Lil, just beautiful!!! I love the invitation and the moodboard, beautiful!

Kerrie B said...

Love it Lil, and you know how much i love Jen's work, divine xx

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