September 19, 2011

Week 4 - 8...Photography Challenge

WOW! How busy life can be when you move house!  I did not expect to be chasing my tail for a whole month, but that is what happened!!

The good news is...I'm back! Finally able to start planning and going forward in the Events and Shoppe side of the business.  And also, start enjoying the Summer months with my family!

So...Week 4 of the Photography Challenge was DINNER.  I am going to skip this one this week and plan on giving you 'the best' recipe very soon...and this will include this picture.

Week 5 was FROM A HIGH ANGLE.  This one and the next one was easy for me to do.  My husband, James and the twins were outside in our 'new' backyard on Fathers Day playing with the ball.  Such a simple thing but they were loving it.  So, I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors to watch my girls have fun with Daddy.

And here is my pic..

My youngest, Indiana, who only started walking last month, decided climbing on the table was much more off she went! She is the most determined child I have ever met!

Week 6 was FROM A LOW ANGLE, and I took this picture the same day.

The girls LOVE to be thrown up into the air by Daddy and they giggle so much when he does it! I managed to capture James and Indy playing this game and I love the evening sky in the background.  These pictures are unedited.

Week 7 was WHAT YOU WORE TODAY...and I will do this pic with the dinner one.

Week 8 is this week's challenge and it is BLACK & WHITE.  This one was easy for me as last week, my lovely friend Leoni from Just Call me Martha and I, had our Black and White TIME themed Wedding Shoot featured on the Amy Atlas Blog.  We had such a fun day setting this up and the pictures were amazing.  Here is a pic of Leoni's Black and White Cookies and then edited into a Black and White pic..

So there you have the catch up ...well almost...of the Photography Challenge.

Next blog post will be on my NEW GIVEAWAY!! Stay tuned for all the details on that one!

Lil xx


Thea said...

Wow! That is incredible how you captured Indy mid-air. Such a lovely memory to treasure. xx

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