August 17, 2011

Week 3...Photography Challenge

Wow...week 3 is here! How fast time is moving for my little business and family!

Week 3's Challenge was BOLD COLOURS.

So...I decided to add a couple of pics this week.

The first is of the flowers I have on my kitchen table.  I love Spring and have a fascination with Bulbs.  The ugly bulb becoming a gorgeous flower! I love tulips, freesias, hyacinths and blossoms...daffodils, poppies and sweet peas.

This gorgeous display smelt DIVINE and as it's amongst the chaos of packing for our new adventure, it creates CALM.

The next picture that shows bold colours is one of my family enjoying the day at Melbourne's Botanical Gardens.  The grass was so green and the girls cheeks were lovely and rosey and you could just see that Spring is just around the corner!

This is my family.

Till next week

Lil xx


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