August 7, 2011

Lily Loves....Preston Bailey!

A few of you might remember this photo...

It created such a stir on my Facebook Page that I have received so many offers to re-create this magical scene!

I began researching the source...Preston Bailey

When I began my business, I know I did not want to do the 'standard' Wedding Decorations that many reception houses supplied to Brides as a package.  I wanted each Wedding to be different, creative, unique and most of all...make you say WOW!

Unfortunately, there are so many Brides that are scared to take that leap of faith and stick to the ever popular traditional centrepieces.  This is ok for some.  But for those of you that want your Wedding Day to be extraordinary {I mean...when else can you spend in excess of $10,000 on one day?} it! There are so many talented people out there that can help you...and you will be surprised at the cost!

So...back to Preston!  

 As I researched his work...I was surprised to find that he started very small {like most of us WAHM's}.  He worked very hard ensuring his work was unique and taught himself to be the most sought after Designer of Awe Inspiring Events in the US!

I began following his personal Blog and have learnt so much about business from this incredible man! 

So...I have decided to complete Preston Bailey's Signiture Wedding & Event Design course!  This is a course that will teach me the step-by-step processes and techniques utilized by Preston Bailey himself!  It will ensure I have the skills to be able to create that One-of-a-kind, magical Weddings for all my new clients.

To say I am excited is an understatement! 

This course is an online course and I can take as long as I like to complete and as you all know, my life is busy at the best of times.  But I also believe that if you are continuously dreaming of something all day long as I do with Lily Chic Events, they it most certainly needs to grow to make me happy!

I am very excited about the path I have chosen for the future of Lily Chic Events.  Not only will I continue to create some original Children's Events, I am branching out into something that made me begin my journey, and with the help of not only Preston Bailey, but also my family, friends, fans and peers, I hope together we can CREATE a truly magical experience!

Lil xx


Tanya - Lifes Little Celebrations said...

This sounds so exciting for you and sounds like you are one step closer to fulfilling your biggest dreams :) Look forward to hearing how the course goes!
I just heard about Preston Bailey yesterday via another website and was AMAZED when I visited his website!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fabulous ! Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for an events study to do
Next year - this is new research for me :)

Rach said...

Oh how fabulous ! Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for an events study to do
Next year - this is new research for me :)

Jennifer Birkhead said...

Great move Lil, enjoy and learn lots!!! xxxx

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