August 3, 2011

My Photography Challenge

Well...the day has arrived!

I have begun my 20 week Photography Challenge as set out by Laura Beth.  Her Blog, A Step in the Journey has inspired me to take up this challenge.

Not just because I have no experience with my new Camera but also because I wanted you all to see a side of me that you will not have seen before...a very personal side.

You see, there are many layers to my we all have...and the internet allows us to be whoever we choose to be.  We can sometimes hide behind the computer screen and we are led to believe one thing, and the reality is very different.

I wanted you to see my life with my three jobs and four kids and happy marriage.

This is ME.

Week One's Challenge is SELF PORTRAIT. 

I chose to take a picture of me in my Bunnings uniform, 11pm, in my lounge room, on my Mac, answering emails from Lily Chic Events!  Such a glamorous life we lead!

I would love you to comment and give me some encouragement throughout this process and if you relate to anything I post...please tell me.  I would love to know I am not the only one who multi tasks ALL DAY LONG!

Till next week...

L xx


Tanya - Lifes Little Celebrations said...

This is great Lilian, thanks for sharing! You are so right that its easy to just see different sites/blogs and think their life must be so glamorous! When in fact we are all in the same boat...multi tasking, being mums, running a home, different jobs etc etc.

One minute we are changing a nappy and the next blogging about some beautiful party idea! So thanks for sharing :)

Krys - Baby Massage said...

OMG with all the stuff you have going on at the moment, how are you finding time to do a 20-week photography challenge???
I'm looking forward to reading your next posts while I'm multi-tasking...

Sweet Scarlet said...

Wow, doing a self-portrait straight up is gutsy. Not sure I could do that. You sound like a wonderfully courageous woman. I look forward to seeing more pics.

Great job.


Kerrie B said...

Love Ya HUN

Kerrie B said...

Love Ya HUN

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