March 20, 2012

"Cuban Party" by Dainty Events

Daniela says,
"This party was for my husband's 35th Birthday. I've been blessed with a very bright and happy husband who happens to love celebrating his birthdays. 
Since he has Cuban heritage, my super creative business partner Karina and I decided that a Cuban party was a great way to go. We enjoyed researching about the country, their music and their culinary tendencies. This way we could include all these elements in the celebration. 
We aimed to do everything sort of old style and also tropical, as {according to our research}, Cuba is. We decided to use orange, brown and green as the colours of the party and looked for tropical flowers, tropical fruits and all 'Havana style' vases and containers that could complement our decorations.
The invitations were made by us and what a better way to start a cuban celebration that a cuban cigar…not my favourite smell and habit but it seemed to fit great with the occasion. We just added a tag with the information of the party and voila!
The food was all Cuban. We divided the table in two…dedicating one side to desserts and the other one to savoury food.
In the dessert side we included; Natilla {which is sort of a vanilla and cinnamon pudding}, coconut meringues, guava preserves, plantain preserves and the cake was chocolate and vanilla coconut mud cake.
In the savoury side we included; Plantain chips, little pork rolls, corn fritters with cheeses and guava and cheese crackers.
We also included a 'Havana style bar table which was the place for the very popular mojitos along with other drinks…as my husband said …' a Cuban party is not a Cuban party without the Mojitos…' and to be fair and honest this bar was his idea. It turn out that it was the favorite place for all the 'Cuban like' guests."

Vendor List;

-Party styling, food and invitations by Dainty Events. Perth, WA (0407992776)
-Paper papers and stationary by annie p. papierie.
-Centre piece (Pot) by Freedom.
-The Mini Glass pots, wooden cutlery, twine, straws, bamboo plates and tablecloth by   lovely Leanne from Sweet Style.
-Cake stand, 3 tier stand and vases by William Sonoma.
-Drink dispenser by  Trilogy.
-Wooden crates and Wooden boxes by Shoppe with Lily.

Thank you so much Daniela for sharing this creative and unique Party! If you would like to Submit your party to be featured on our blog, please email Lil on 


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