March 18, 2012

"Disney Princess Party" by The Inspired Occasion

Alex says, 

"We had the opportunity to theme a disney princess dessert station last week. It was a big challenge to incorporate three popular disney princess onto one dessert station. The clients brief was to incorporate Cinderella, Ariel and Beauty with colour requests of Red, Yellow and Blue. This party was for a join birthday for her daughters aged 4 and 6 and both whom loved the disney princess's.

The dessert station themed baked items include:
  • Cupcakes themed with toppers
  • Sugar biscuit in shoes and tiara
  • Jelly cups in red with glitter
  • Cakepops in blue with shimmering glitter
We decided that the best way to tackle this was to have three separate elements representing the princesses. 

We used a colour cordinated cushion and shoe to present our oreo cake pops on. 

We created a Little Mermaid island using sand, starfish creations and props. We then placed our jelly cups around. An effective way we thought to represent Ariel and the colour red.

This section of the dessert station was the most fun, replicating the main charters. Using ceramic pain it is amazing what you can turn to life. The teapot and teacup coming to life along with our candle stick. With the sugar biscuits presented around the props.

With an extensive lolly selection displayed in decorative jars and finishing touches such as the menu items being presented in a fairytale book. The client was thrilled with what we created."

Thank you so much for sharing with us Alex.  Please take a look at The Inspired Occasions work at their Facebook page.  They are indeed Inspiring!

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