July 28, 2012

Day 2...Progress!

After waking up a little bleary eyed, we were ready to tackle another day of renovations!

Relaxing on the porch..what a view!
James found the exact floor boards we needed and only a few suburbs away from the house...but could not get them delivered till Monday! But he was determined to get them today...so on went the roof racks on the 'bus' and guess what? He got them home by lunch time! {Not without first stopping at Bunnings to buy a bloody big saw!}

The bus with all the floor boards!
While he was out getting the timber with the girls, I began working on replacing the blue and yellow paint in the Master Bedroom...with lovely and fresh WHITE! 

Master Bedroom {BEFORE PIC} with the 'lovely' blue & yellow walls
As I was sugar soaping the walls, my new pets {two chickens} decided to visit me and stood at the sliding door cackling at me. Oh how I love the farm life!

A quick bite to eat {BBQ...what else?}, and it was back to work!

The only gas cooking source:)
While we are working the older girls are exploring.  After a few minutes we hear an almighty 'HELP'! James looks up to see our oldest daughter, Mixi, stuck in mud and on her backside.  She get's a helping hand by her sister and we are all in hysterics! It totally made her week {and ours!}

The rest of the day was spent painting and fixing the floors, and after 24 hours in our new home we are finally getting somewhere!

Termite infested boards coming up...

Undercoat on the blue...next up undercoating the yellow!
I look forward to showing you the updates in a few days once the floors are finished and we have at least the Master Room fully painted.

Take Care..



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