August 13, 2012

The week {and floor} that was...

Day three began with some bad news....TERMITES.  We not only found that they had eaten through a few of the lovely oak floor boards...we also found they had munched a couple of beams that were holding our house up!

The floor that needed replacing with brand new oak floor boards
Working late...very late at night!
Some of the termite damage in the floor boards
Luckily James had bought a couple of Treated Pine Beams from Bunnings the night before and was able to slowly and painfully replace or couple the worst of the lot!

This slowed down our progress a lot!

James laying new boards...for the first time!

My living room lol!
An investment...a mighty big saw:)
More night time work...but getting there slowly
The new beam under the laundry floor!

Under the house, we also found dozens of rabbit burrows! There was rabbit holes in every direction and large ones at that! This is what had originally caused the dirt to rest against the beams under the house and also allowed the termites to enter the timber. Although the termites had not been active for years, the timber just crumbled when touched!

Finished...prior to sanding
Love it!
James' painstakingly punched the nails in by hand {he is only just starting to get the feeling back into his hands!}

My side deck...removing all the excess soil under the house to sand!
Unfortunately, by the time it came to sanding on the tuesday, I got sick. Very sick! I began the day sanding and ended it with a temperature of 40 degree's and in bed. And that is where I stayed for 4 days! Not great when there is work to do!!

So, my brilliant husband sanded the floors himself till 3am for two days straight!  He is amazing!!

Starting to sand!
A long way to go!
Sanding the edges
Me sanding the kitchen minutes before my collapse!
James went back to work on the Wednesday and we were now three days behind where we needed to be due to all the additional work that needed doing and me being sick. So, after work he came home, scoffed dinner and then went to the house to put on the top coats. Because he had to get it all done by the weekend, he was at the house again till the very early hours, in the freezing cold weather, and then collapsing in bed to get up at 7am to do it all again the next day!

Kitchen floors finished!

Lounge Room Finished!
Living room...finished!


By Sunday we were able to walk on the floors and begin the very tedious job of....CLEANING! All the dust had settled {on everything}!

Overall...a HUGE week! Will try to upload the pics of the Main Bedroom being painted and also the Main toilet that is another story altogether!

In the mean time...enjoy some pics of the property and us enjoying it!


Our property all the way to the trees!

Ducks coming to play!
The white Camelia 'snowing' in the side garden

The gorgeous tree right outside the twins bedroom window
The amount of tiles we pulled up {ready for the skip}! the only place that the rain couldn't get us...the shed!


Krys said...

Looks amazing, but OMG rabbits??? That was unexpected! James has really done a great job. He must be exhausted! I hope you're feeling better.

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